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Crisis communications 2.0

September 13, 2006, Dawson College, Montreal: a 25-year-old gunman kills one and injures 19. Seven months later at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia: a 23-year-old armed student kills 32 and injures 25.

September 10, 2007
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The polymath professor

Here are just a few of the questions that Marcel Danesi has fielded from reporters over the years: When did human models first come into the fashion world and when did they get so skinny? What was Paul Martin unconsciously conveying with his feet position as he left the prime minister’s office? Why are Sudoku puzzles so addictive? And those teenagers with their new argot every generation, what is that all about? More impressive than the range of queries is that the 59-year-old University of Toronto professor of anthropology – and Italian, and semiotics, and communication theory – was able to answer them. His 35-year career is an exemplar of the public intellectual and of an academic who has expanded the zones of his expertise seemingly with ease.

September 10, 2007
Students and campus life | University and society | Humanities and social sciences
Arts in abundance

Some people set themselves unusual challenges. For one whole month, American filmmaker Morgan Spurlock ate only at McDonald's, suffered the consequences health-wise, then turned the experience into a hit documentary, Super Size Me! A New York city couple has chosen to live "green" for one year - eschewing the elevator to their ninth-floor apartment, eating only food grown within a 250-mile radius of Manhattan and using no toilet paper.

August 7, 2007
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Sharing the fruits of science

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants," wrote Sir Isaac Newton, borrowing a metaphor from earlier thinkers. But what if those giants hadn't been so keen to freely share their insights, methods and knowledge? In what state would we find science, technology and scholarship today had the intellectual giants, Newton included, been more inclined to sell their findings to the highest bidder? We'll never know the answers to such speculation.

August 7, 2007
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The moonlighting professor

Fifteen or 20 years ago, the issue of professors working outside the university wasn't all that involved: administrations tolerated it, and a minority of faculty performed a minimal amount of such work, viewing it as a hobby on the side or a source of professional development. But today, more than a few professors act as key consultants for corporations, and the entangling research sponsorships, technology transfer and partnership arrangements are commonplace.

August 7, 2007
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Betwixt and between in the lab

Cancer researcher Josée Coulombe is on the front lines of her field, refining batches of stem cells to identify genetic defects that lie at the heart of this disease. Now in her 40s, she is 10 to 15 years older than the graduate and postdoctoral students she regularly supervises.

June 4, 2007
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Summertime and the living is easy - or is it?

Remember summertime when you were young? Those seemingly endless days, free from the routines and rigors of school and schedule? Maybe summer meant camp, or a trip somewhere exotic, or the comfort of a beloved cottage or a family farm. Or perhaps summer simply meant the ability to sleep late and let the days unfold.

June 4, 2007
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