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Faculty | Research and innovation | University and society
Meet the contrarians

To be "contrary" can connote a certain willful or perverse stubbornness. And indeed, contrariness for its own sake can be tiresome, even futile.

November 6, 2006
Students and campus life | Teaching and learning | Technology
Citation sensation

No matter how many years have passed, the faint recollection of one's first undergraduate term paper often dredges up a memory of undiminished pain: the bibliography. To a sleep-deprived student at three in the morning, the rules of citation can appear arbitrary and diabolical, as though designed to turn an enlightening education into an impossibly rigorous boot camp.

November 6, 2006
Teaching and learning
Secret to good writing? Rewriting!

"Writing should be a part of all [university] courses, because in the real world we all write," asserts Toby Fulwiler. "And good writing can be a whole lot of things - like a passive [voice], evasive memo terminating someone's job" - if that's what is called for.

October 10, 2006
Faculty | Teaching and learning | Natural sciences and engineering
Silence is golden

When Tony Leroux was a teenager, a Université de Montréal professor conducted a research project on noise in the factory where his father worked. Since his father had developed a form of occupational deafness, Tony was interested in audiologist Raymond Hétu's work.

October 10, 2006
Managing the university | Students and campus life
When rites go wrong

The photos are candid snapshots of a part of student life most universities and colleges probably wish didn't take place. Among the tamer ones: a women's swim team member with "Do Me Here" written on her bare back and arrows pointing to her buttocks.

October 10, 2006
Research and innovation | Teaching and learning | Humanities and social sciences
The rise of Middle East studies

For several weeks this past summer Marie-Joëlle Zahar watched as bombs rained down on Lebanon, the beloved country of her birth. "I was stunned," says Dr.

September 11, 2006
Students and campus life | Teaching and learning
An evening with my students

They stare at me. Chins propped up on fists.

September 11, 2006
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