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Empty churches, full of history

During a December 1881 visit to Montreal, Mark Twain quipped: "This is the very first time I was ever in a city where you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a church window. " The celebrated author wasn't exaggerating that much: today, more than 700 church steeples pierce the skies over Montreal, and some 2,000 other chapels and churches dot the Quebec landscape.

November 7, 2005
Career Development | Faculty | Managing the university
So you want to become a dean?

Rick Vanderlee is faced with a decision. A professor of nursing, he was recently appointed interim dean of arts and science at Nipissing University.

November 7, 2005
University and society | Humanities and social sciences | Programs and curriculum
The CSI effect

Tracy Rogers, a professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, spent most of her summers of 2002 and 2003 back in British Columbia, where she began her career as a forensic anthropologist at Simon Fraser University; it wasn't a very pleasant homecoming. Garbed in uncomfortable protective gear, Dr.

November 7, 2005
Research and innovation | Technology | Humanities and social sciences
Saving the world one game at a time

Jennifer Jenson's research studio at York University is unnaturally quiet on the day of her interview with University Affairs. Normally, the studio - a bright room right next to her office - is filled with kids playing video games on eight computers.

December 5, 2005
Career Development | Faculty | Graduate studies and postdocs
Coaching for life - my life

If you teach in a business faculty or are a fan of the Globe and Mail career pages, then you'll no doubt have heard about executive coaches, also known as life coaches outside the corporate world. Simply put, a coach helps a person to identify his or her goals, personally or professionally, and the means to get there.

October 11, 2005
Managing the university | University and society
Degrees of distinction

As last spring's convocation approached, Paul Davenport, president of the University of Western Ontario, had reason to feel apprehensive. The spring convocation is a public celebration for every university, a feel-good time when graduates are feted and their parents join them on campus.

October 11, 2005
Graduate studies and postdocs | University and society | Humanities and social sciences | Programs and curriculum
The art of creative arts therapies

Graduates of creative arts therapy programs need a healthy dose of the frontier spirit. The field "has been around for almost as long as psychotherapy but we're still involved in pioneering work," says Stephen Snow, coordinator of drama therapy in Concordia University's department of creative arts therapies.

October 11, 2005
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