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Faculty | University and society
Holidays? It's academic!

The Guelph Jazz Festival Guelph, Ontario While practically every Canadian city and town hosts a jazz festival of some sort, only the Guelph Jazz Festival is dedicated to experimental jazz improvisation. "It's a cutting edge, avant-garde, innovative jazz festival dedicated to presenting the very best creative improvised music," says festival founder Ajay Heble, professor at the University of Guelph's school of English and theatre studies and the festival's artistic director.

June 5, 2006
International issues | University and society
The power of words

The radio station Milles Collines in Rwanda gained infamy for the role it played in inciting hatred during the 1994 genocide in that country. The station's broadcasts, heard throughout the country, were filled with vicious propaganda on the inferiority of the Tutsis and exhorted Hutus to commit atrocities against them.

June 5, 2006
Faculty | Teaching and learning
Grading season

I'm sitting hunched over an old wooden desk in a small spartan box of a room, trying to focus my eyes and take in the words floating on the page before me. To my right is an inbox, and in the inbox, a stack of papers towering high.

April 10, 2006
University and society
Heeding the city's call

Last fall, Simon Fraser University threw open the doors of the Segal Graduate School of Business, a new facility located, appropriately enough, in an imaginatively refurbished 1916 Bank of Montreal building on Granville Street, near the heart of Vancouver's business district. The move was the latest in what could be described as the urbanization of Vancouver's university sector.

April 10, 2006
Faculty | Teaching and learning
Striding along the Mommy Track

Marlis Schweitzer holds an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania.

April 10, 2006
Faculty | Research and innovation | Technology | Natural sciences and engineering
The Barcode of Life takes flight

Stroll through Paul Hebert's bustling laboratory at the University of Guelph and it's easy to see how the past and future of species identification are visually colliding before your eyes. The past is what Dr.

March 13, 2006
Teaching and learning | Natural sciences and engineering | Programs and curriculum
The not-so-great outdoors

You might think it easy to pick out the budding young scientists in a group of kids. They would be the ones who bring home snakes to live in a box under their bed, who rummage around in the local creek looking for unusual stones, or who might even collect road-kill in order to boil up the animal's bones and reconstruct its skeleton.

March 13, 2006
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