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Dean's Podcast

The podcast about issues shaping graduate studies in Canada.

Subscribe via iTunesEvery month host Carolyn Watters, dean of graduate studies at Dalhousie University, talks to other deans, faculty, postdocs and graduate students about where graduate studies is going in Canada and internationally.

Latest episode

Why become an administrator


What followes is Part 1 of a two-part series on why an academic would want to become a university administrator. In this episode, host Carolyn Watters, Dalhousie University dean of graduate studies, and 2009 Canadian Association of Graduate Studies president, talks to Jack Duffy, a professor at Dalhousie University.

Jack actually likes his job as an adminstrator. He offers advice on why academics should not shy away from the incredible opporitunities that these positions offer. (Running time: 23:12 mins).

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Recent episodes

Telecommuting to work

Episode 13 | An interview with Tom Erickson

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to talks to Tom Erickson, an interaction designer and researcher at IBM. Tom is part of a growing number of people who telecommute to work. By simply switching on his home computer and picking up the phone, he is already at the office. Using a variety of tools, he coordinates projects and attends meetings around the world. (Running time: 20:39 mins).

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Starting a graduate program from scratch

Episode 12 | An interview with Brian Campbell

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Brian Campbell, dean of graduate studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. (Running time: 17:44 mins).

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The current state of postdoctoral fellows in Canada

Episode 11 | An interview with Marianne Stanford

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Marianne Stanford, chair of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars. (Running time: 26:20 mins).

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The role of postdoctoral fellows

Episode 10 | An interview with Sunny Marche

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to her colleague and blogging partner Sunny Marche, the associate dean of graduate studies at Dalhousie University and co-contributor to the Dean’s Blog. (Running time: 26:08 mins).

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Alleviating attrition

Episode 9 | An interview with Janice Deakin

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Janice Deakin, the associate vice-principal and dean of graduate studies and research at Queen's University. (Running time: 20:47 mins).

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The view from Dubai

Episode 8 | An interview with Chet Jablonski

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Chet Jablonski, the assistant provost, research and graduate studies at Zayed University in Dubai. (Running time: 18:13 mins).

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The graduate student perspective

Episode 7 | An interview with Ben Whynot and Craig Sloss

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Ben Whynot, president of the University of Alberta Graduate Students Association, and Craig Sloss, former president of the University of Waterloo Graduate Students Association. (Running time: 29:50 mins).

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Social media in graduate recruitment

Episode 6 | An interview with Noreen Golfman

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Noreen Golfman, dean of graduate studies at Memorial University. Memorial recently launched a graduate recruitment campaign integrating traditional billboard and subway advertising with cutting edge social media tactics. (Running time: 24:43 mins).

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Guiding principles for graduate supervision

Episode 5 | An interview with Kevin Vessey

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Kevin Vessey, dean of graduate studies at St. Mary's University in Halifax about CAGS's recently published Guiding Principles for Graduate Student Supervision. (Running time: 33:08 mins).

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Rethinking quality assurance

Episode 4 | An interview with John ApSimon

In this episode, Carolyn Watters talks to John ApSimon, interim executive director, Ontario Council on Graduate Studies about quality assurance in graduate programs at Ontario universities. (Running time 17:33).

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Grad faculty profile

Episode 3 | An interview with Gary Slater

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Gary Slater, dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of Ottawa about making the most of the university's status as a bilingual institution, funding, recruitment and postdoctoral training. (Running time 16:53).

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Better preparing graduates

Episode 2 | An interview with Dan Russell

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Dan Russell, a research scientist and manager at Google about how Google supports recent graduate students as they transition into the company's corporate culture; he also offers his insights into what universities can do to better prepare graduate students for jobs in industry. (Running time 23:53).

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State of Canadian graduate studies

Episode 1 | An interview with Martin Kreiswirth

In this episode, host Carolyn Watters talks to Martin Kreiswirth, McGill University dean of graduate studies and outgoing CAGS president, about the the highlights of his year as president, including initiatives on postdoctoral fellows, national guidelines for graduate supervision and professional skills development. He also discusses his impressions as a dean of the differences between grad studies in Ontario and Quebec. (Running time 15:21).

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Previous podcasts brought to you by University Affairs

What's in a name?

DuckworthListen as reporter Nick Taylor-Vaisey talks to Vincent Duckworth, a Calgary-based consultant who advises institutions on building name policies.

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Keshen on service learning

KeshenJeffrey Keshen, the chair of the history department at the University of Ottawa and the manager of the school's experiential learning service spoke to Nick Taylor-Vaisey about what community service learning entails and where it is headed at the U of O. Listen to excerpts of that discussion.

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Leaving Academia

The podcast about former academics finding successful post-academic careers.

Episode 3 | From English PhD to environmentalist

When Gaby Zezulka-Mailloux finished her PhD in English, she used her academic knowledge of environmental policy-making to land a job in the not-for-profit sector. Now it's Gaby who's helping to shape and enforce Canadian environmental policy in the Rocky mountains. 

Episode 2 | From dramaturge to life coach

Jamie Ridler was an ABD in theatre when she decided that the academic life simply wasn't for her. Instead, she launched her own business. As a life coach and Nia teacher, Jamie uses her skills in performance, communication and education to help others.

Episode 1 | From would-be linguist to TV producer

Shortly after she began her PhD in linguistics, Polly Washburn realized the academic career path was not going to scratch her creative itch. Now she is a writer, produces independent short films and works as an associate producer on an international travel show.