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Most graduates seem satisfied with the experience but miss the celebratory aspect afterwards.

dissertation looks at the glacial history of northeast Quebec, the product of three seasons of fieldwork. The defence was held on Microsoft Teams videoconferencing software, chosen partly for its closed captioning functions to accommodate a committee member with a hearing disability. It all went smo...
In my opinion
BY SUSAN PORTER & LISA YOUNG | September 24 2018

A new taskforce report by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies says it’s time to rethink the PhD.

dissertation. But, faced with unprecedented change in the academy and the world, academics are struggling with unresolved questions about the broader purposes of the degree. Universities are increasingly engaged with society, changing the way we think about doing and communicating research; innov...
Career Advice
BY REBECCA PERO | October 24 2017

A few tips that can help PhD mothers complete some of the major dissertation milestones.

dissertation is a done dissertation,” but how does one complete a dissertation post-baby? As a parent, caring for a child or children can sometimes feel all-consuming, making it difficult to achieve substantial progress on major writing milestones. This can add significant pressure in an environme...
BY VÉRONIQUE MORIN | January 06 2017

UQAM’s Jean-Hugues Roy analyzed theses and dissertations from the past 25 years to answer the age-old question: How long should it be?

dissertation or master’s thesis is: How long should it be? Not finding a definitive answer, Jean-Hugues Roy, a former reporter for Radio-Canada and now a professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, decided to wade into the issue using data analysis. Inspired by University of Minnesota res...
Careers Café
BY JO VANEVERY | November 26 2012
dissertation. Although you need much more than this to successfully transition into the next phase of your career, your research and dissertation should be a high priority for you. Whether you are working in a lab or working primarily on your own, you are responsible for keeping track of this per...
The Black Hole
BY BETH | February 20 2011
dissertation - in haiku form! A friend of mine recently told me about Continue reading, a place where you can submit a single haiku to summarize your dissertation. Just think of it as an entirely different way to communicate your science! Here are some...
In my opinion
BY ROBIN BULLER | November 18 2022

Canada’s graduate student stipends are “very low and tough to live off of,” one Canadian PhD candidate at Yale says.

In 2013, Véronique Carignan – now an assistant professor at the Sea Educational Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts – enrolled in the University of Delaware’s doctoral program in oceanography. Originally from Peterborough, Ont., Dr. Carignan had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in ch...
BY MOIRA MACDONALD | October 05 2022

A recently published study of doctoral students finds women and men had vastly different relationships to their work during the first wave of the pandemic, and recommends a more tailored approach to support.

dissertation on the lives and work of Filipino Canadian settlement and social service workers in Ontario, Manitoba and Yukon. Those visits were not able to proceed, so she left Montreal to go home to Toronto to help her family, many of whom were frontline workers in hospitals, long-term care and man...
The Skills Agenda
BY LOLEEN BERDAHL | June 17 2022

Western University’s Own Your Future program reflects a partnership between units across the institution.

dissertation.html">project management.

Evaluating program effectiveness

Lorraine Davies, associate vice-provost in the school of graduate and postdoctoral studies at Western, is the Own Your Future academic lead. She is also the primary investigator for an assessment of the program fu...
It’s never just academic

His recent death reminded me of the crucial role that The Consenting University and the Dissenting Academy: Binary Friction played in my academic and intellectual journey. This is a tribute to a man I never met and to a paper he wrote.

dissertation would be about university governance. Fresh from a term as full-time vice-president for academic affairs in a student union, I was obviously going to take a critical perspective on university relations. In this case, “critical” was going to mean a thorough denunciation of the transf...
Graduate Matters
BY MARIA GALLO | April 26 2022

Connecting with others in your field can offer job search insights, networking opportunities and a chance to learn about different career paths.

dissertation, defense, or viva During crunch time, alumni can offer encouragement and insight on this process. Even if you are in the throes of your research, your alumni network might suggest avenues to publish or present your research. If you have existing relationships with alumni from earl...
In my opinion
BY KEVIN SHAW | March 28 2022

If the academy truly desires greater representation in its ranks, it would provide robust postdoctoral support and dismantle the exploitative adjunct system.

dissertation before my funding ran out, but without a postdoctoral scholarship or part-time teaching opportunities lined up, and no parental home to return to, I had to take a full-time office job to begin making loan payments (and pay the cost of living, of course). The position was entry level bec...
In my opinion
BY ANDREA L. WILLIAMS | March 03 2022

We need to use research to identify and implement the most effective ways to support student writing development.

dissertation bootcamps,” and faculty “publish or perish” and may enroll in “writing retreats.” Such language is ubiquitous and insidious and so all the more destructive because it constrains and distorts how writing is understood in the academy. Instead, we need language that reflects curr...
Responsibilities May Include

Put yourself front and centre in your career planning.

dissertation and directly connects with the organization of your dreams? Great! But before you start drafting a jargon-filled pitch that few people will understand, remember to put your audience first. Ask yourself “so what?” Keep asking that question until you drill down to the part of your sto...
Ask Dr. Editor
BY LETITIA HENVILLE | November 23 2021

This practice from art history can improve academic writing across disciplines.

dissertation supervisor always wants me to cut those moments in my drafts. Can academic writing ever be fun?

– Anonymous, Psychology

Dr. Editor’s response:

“Fun” is a high bar to clear in most academic genres. This isn’t to say that academic ...
In my opinion
BY JOHANNA LEWIS | August 26 2021

The lack of any structural acknowledgement about the toll that COVID is taking on parents and caregivers is a grave failing at the institutional level.

dissertation. Needless to say, progress has been slow. I have been stretched beyond capacity and, of course, deeply limited in my ability to engage in research or contribute my perspectives to the conversations happening in my field. I had hoped for and relied upon a return to school and childcar...
In my opinion

Looking at how BIPOC faculty are paid and treated when they first enter academia, and truly listening to them, would be a good first step in changing white privilege.

dissertation in record time. Despite the best intentions of hiring committees, chairs, deans, vice-presidents and presidents, these same hires are loaded down with service work because of the need to meet EDID goals that pay no attention to their impact on the very populations they are supposed to h...
Graduate Matters

Two grad students discuss their unique experiences of having to switch supervisors.

dissertation. I reviewed the research interests of the faculty members in the department and tried to find the faculty member whose research interests most closely aligned with mine. I ended up scheduling a meeting with my new prospective advisor, explaining the situation, and describing why I was i...
BY KELLY BOUTSALIS | April 27 2021

How Indigenous researchers and communities are working in partnership with universities and non-Indigenous researchers to shape the future of environmental sciences.

dissertation of one of the ISTS hub students on the incorporation of traditional knowledge into the management of chronic wasting disease (CWD), an often fatal and very contagious neurological condition that affects deer and elk. If wildlife management agencies were amenable to cultural knowledge, t...
BY DIANE PETERS | March 22 2021

‘If the programs don’t fit the outcomes, let’s see about changing the [programs],’ says Concordia academic who oversaw latest report tracking outcomes of PhD graduates.

PhD student Anh-Khoi Trinh knows his job prospects in academia and beyond may be limited when he wraps up his thesis in a year. “I’m a theoretical physicist and my work is purely mathematical in a way that isn’t very applicable to many fields,” says the McGill University student. “I jus...