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In my opinion
By SUSAN PORTER & LISA YOUNG | September 24 2018

A new taskforce report by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies says it’s time to rethink the PhD.

dissertation. But, faced with unprecedented change in the academy and the world, academics are struggling with unresolved questions about the broader purposes of the degree.Universities are increasingly engaged with society, changing the way we think about doing and communicating research; innov...
Career Advice
By REBECCA PERO | October 24 2017

A few tips that can help PhD mothers complete some of the major dissertation milestones.

dissertation is a done dissertation,” but how does one complete a dissertation post-baby? As a parent, caring for a child or children can sometimes feel all-consuming, making it difficult to achieve substantial progress on major writing milestones. This can add significant pressure in an environme...
By VÉRONIQUE MORIN | January 06 2017

UQAM’s Jean-Hugues Roy analyzed theses and dissertations from the past 25 years to answer the age-old question: How long should it be?

dissertation or master’s thesis is: How long should it be?Not finding a definitive answer, Jean-Hugues Roy, a former reporter for Radio-Canada and now a professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, decided to wade into the issue using data analysis. Inspired by University of Minnesota res...
Careers Café
By JO VANEVERY | November 26 2012
dissertation.Although you need much more than this to successfully transition into the next phase of your career, your research and dissertation should be a high priority for you. Whether you are working in a lab or working primarily on your own, you are responsible for keeping track of this per...
The Black Hole
By BETH | February 20 2011
dissertation - in haiku form!A friend of mine recently told me about this blog, a place where you can submit a single haiku to summarize your dissertation. Just think of it as an entirely different way to communicate your science!Here are some dissertation haikus. Let us know in the commen...
By PAUL YACHNIN | October 09 2019

None has landed a tenure-track job, and their lives have had plenty of struggle and uncertainty. But, their narratives point to multiple career paths branching out from the PhD.

dissertation – she called it a “Frankensteinish” thesis – were mostly bereft of joy. She entered graduate studies because of her sheer love of literature. But, because she did not bring to the PhD program a strong sense of purpose, she was not fulfilled by the work she did. Instead of cultiv...
Media Scan
By TARA SIEBARTH | August 20 2019
dissertation proposal, giving Cooke—a professor of biology at Carleton University in Ottawa—no choice but to kick him out of the lab.Global News Halifax poet launches literary journal to help survivors of gender-based violence heal Survivors of gender-based violence are using creative expr...
Graduate Matters
By YVONNE HUNG | July 26 2019

An exploration of some of the nuances between postsecondary education in the two countries, as well as some of the intangibles that are often not thought about.

dissertation. Campus and community life The location of a university can have an impact on its campus life and its relationship to the surrounding community. If you are in a town whose population swells with the start of the academic year (e.g., Ann Arbor, Michigan or Kingston, Ontario) versus a b...
In my opinion
By DARCIA ROACHE | July 24 2019

When leaders show employees they care, trust and empathize with their situations, it motivates employee performance and commitment.

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.Finding motivation to make changes as a leader can be both daunting and exciting — particularly in the summer, traditionally a time of vacation or respite from year-round routines. ...

Mona Nemer is creating a new youth advisory council of people aged 18 to 30 from a range of backgrounds.

dissertations. “The knowledge young people gain on these committees will serve them throughout their careers, while contributing in a concrete way to improving the country’s research system,” he said....
Ask Dr. Editor
By LETITIA HENVILLE | June 18 2019

The political and persuasive significance of being intentionally hard to understand.

dissertation will necessarily include a lot of non-English words (notably Swahili and Maa). How should I quote my sources? I’ve seen different authors do different things: quote in translated English with the original in parentheses or a footnote; quote the original in text, in italics, and use pa...

The guidelines require students to have a letter signed by their instructor indicating what kind of editing help is permitted.

dissertations at the graduate level. But, as University Affairs reported in 2017 – and Ms. Conrad’s research showed – undergraduate students, too, seek editing services, and Editors Canada recognized that the increase in demand required a change to the guidelines.“Our position on (editin...
Responsibilities May Include
By STEPHANIE DUPLEY | February 25 2019

Don’t wait until you are actively looking for a job to identify your transferable skills.

dissertation without providing a citation or proof. Now think about your communication with employers the same way. You want to provide evidence of your skills by describing how you have demonstrated those skills in the past. To say “I have excellent communication skills” means little to an empl...
Careers Café
By LIZ KOBLYK | February 14 2019

The secret CV doesn’t contain things you want to hide, but rather things that you’re proud of, and haven’t yet found a way to articulate.

dissertation in one bullet point can be painful. Leaving it off altogether can be more so.None of your experiences are lost in actuality, for the very same reason that makes them painful to leave off your resumé: they are part of you. They will continue to inform your perspective, your abilitie...
Career Advice
By MICHAEL RANCIC | January 04 2019

A new book aims to understand why a small subset of professionals actively resists retirement.

dissertation work in quantitative methods, looking at data points, spending years doing that. I was just dying to ask the data points some questions, and so I did some qualitative training and eventually got some grant funding and started this set of projects, which was to explore retirement, what i...
Beyond the Professoriate
By MAREN WOOD | November 01 2018

Aurora is designed to help students explore career options and learn strategies they need to find non-faculty careers.

dissertation with preparing for non-faculty careers in mind.Currently, Aurora is focused on non-faculty careers, but that will change in 2019. Students have told us that they also want to learn job search strategies for academic jobs, and we want to support them, whatever their career goals. We ...
Beyond the Professoriate
By MAREN WOOD | October 23 2018

What has and hasn’t worked at institutions that support career development and professionalization.

dissertations. In addition to connecting students with communities beyond academia and the university, the program provides students with much-needed summer funding. (Learn more about the program here.)In Canada, graduate programs could similarly work with partner organizations, such as Mitacs, ...
By TARA SIEBARTH | October 03 2018
dissertation’s form and content need to evolve Adventures in Academe: Using productive disruption in higher education Career Advice: Help grad students understand their transferable skillsets ...
Beyond the Professoriate
By JENNIFER POLK | August 24 2018

Moving from a PhD in religious studies to working at a teaching and learning centre has sparked an interest in communications and marketing for Dr. Muravchick.

dissertation and what I saw myself doing and being happy doing. I did, however, actively pursue leads in alt-ac careers during the last few years of the PhD.What was your first post-PhD job?I was a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow teaching religion at an elite liberal arts institution.What do...
Responsibilities May Include
By JACQUELYN BRINKMAN | August 13 2018

A detailed plan can help you decide when and what opportunities to say yes to and, more importantly, which to say no to.

dissertation writing, and The date you plan to graduate!Your “really helps”: What else can help you excel academically throughout graduate school? These will vary depending on your program and discipline but include such items as:Funding (awards to apply for, application deadlines),...