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Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | December 12 2016
imposter syndrome. Great! We can all enjoy one another’s company at our self-deprecation party, all the while being plagued by our private thoughts that we don’t deserve to be at the party.That was my attempt at a segue to parties. Holidays bring parties, which bring lots of opportunities to...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | November 10 2016
imposter syndrome has just been dozing in the background. It felt so much more alert in grad school because, as it turns out, grad students are among the more susceptible to the imposter syndrome, along with people in minority groups and those from families that emphasized the importance of achievem...
Career Advice
BY KELLY GALLANT | February 19 2014

There are steps you can take to help combat it.

There has been a phenomenon amongst us and it does not discriminate. There is something to be said about the power of the mind. Just imagine that you cannot internalize your accomplishments. You reflect on your success and there is no self-praise nor recognition of intelligence, only credit given to...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | January 10 2020

Career planning and mental health in academe were some of the most-read topics addressed on the Black Hole in the past year.

Happy New Year to all of our readers. The Black Hole is marking its 10th year of existence and Jonathan and I are excited to be in the final stages of compiling our first book on the core issues facing academic science today – we are targeting a 2020 release and will keep readers informed of any a...
BY UA/AU | December 26 2019
imposter syndrome. This past year (which turned out to be her last as one of our columnists) she had some great columns, but the one that resonated with me the most was her piece on the secret job interview – this is the interview that could be happening to you without you even realizing it. Her a...
Responsibilities May Include
BY CALVIN CHAN & LISA PURDY | December 04 2019

Research has shown that student mental wellness is a growing concern, but what can we do about it?

imposter syndrome,” can easily take hold, as most students are just starting out in their careers and are often surrounded by much more experienced professionals.The competitive nature of publishing adds additional complexity. The pressure researchers feel to produce high-impact data to secure...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | November 20 2019

Any decision to do something new is based on our confidence in ourselves to succeed at it.

In my opinion

The challenges of being true to oneself while representing the collective.

imposter syndrome often experienced by women, and by women of colour even more so.I recall at convocation in May 2018, about a month into my new role, an unwelcome approach by a white, male faculty member probing, without any social filters, my authenticity: “So, what makes you qualified to be...
In my opinion
BY DANIEL HARRIS | March 19 2019

By changing the way we discuss scholarly work, we will not only improve scholarship but also reduce the unnecessary hostility rampant in academia.

imposter syndrome. As such, I obsess about the quality of my work – afraid, at best, to disappoint my department and mentor, and at worst, to have my name blacklisted among the community of public health researchers. While my obsessive tendencies are arguably adaptive, they nonetheless hinder my q...
BY WENDY GLAUSER | August 01 2018

Campus support programs are helping a diverse set of students to succeed in a system that wasn’t designed for them.

imposter syndrome or roommate concerns – are “a recent history” for the peer mentors, she adds.In addition to helping students who come to the centres, the staff also provide workshops and advice to instructors on how to be more cognizant of the struggles of non-traditional students. Ms. A...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | July 13 2018

Feedback from multiple sources ensures that faculty are not disillusioning themselves with misguided opinions on their strengths and weaknesses.

imposter syndrome, which often plagues young faculty.What we have found is that faculty that participate in this process are more creative and open to learning new techniques for developing their communication with trainees.360/reverse reviews are often a way for leaders (regardless of setti...
Beyond the Professoriate
BY JENNIFER POLK | July 10 2018
imposter syndrome. I had one academic job interview for a tenure-track position in my graduating semester, and the process of preparing for it was so stressful that I couldn't sleep or eat. When I didn't get the job and graduated without a professorship or postdoc lined up, I took a full-time job at...
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BY LIZ KATYNSKI | July 09 2018
imposter syndrome. Why don’t we feel like we are on the same level?”Stefi Baum, program mentor and dean of the faculty of science at the University of Manitoba, says historically, women frequently question their own abilities. “I’m a physicist. I’ve spend my whole life in a male enviro...
Career Advice
BY BRITTANY A. E. JAKUBIEC | December 11 2017

Regardless of how hard we try, graduate student parents often feel at odds while trying to mend the gap between academia and parenthood.

imposter syndrome.This struggle, coupled with the stressors of graduate studies, results in students who are sleep deprived, stressed, anxious, and depressed. Mental health issues and challenges were shared by all of those who completed the online survey in my study.I am a doctoral candidate...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | November 10 2016
imposter syndrome, which I decided I could alleviate by studying something “real” and working in a small lab.For my fellowship, I joined a gene therapy lab that met my criteria of being small, innovative, and aligned towards meaningful discovery. There, I had a front row seat as our lab, and...
Beyond the Professoriate
BY JENNIFER POLK | January 22 2015

Jennifer Polk lists her favourite coping mechanisms for when you are waiting for the phone to ring about that academic job you applied for.

imposter syndrome organized by Grad Minds, a student group at the University of Toronto. One audience member asked about how to keep her spirits up at this time of year, when academic hiring is in full swing. Or, should I say, academic rejection is in full swing! The vast majority of applicants for ...
Beyond the Professoriate
BY JENNIFER POLK | July 28 2014
imposter syndrome. Noting when an inner critic is in the way and coming up with strategies for silencing it when needed is very important. Inner critics bedevil anyone taking risks and doing new things. The competitiveness and criticism that is a normal part of academic life feeds into negative self...
Career Advice

One academic’s experience running a campaign and joining a university council.

imposter syndrome) get in the way.Start by familiarizing yourself with the processes and the issues by attending meetings, reviewing the vast amount of material on the governing council website, talking with the current governors of various constituencies (administrative staff, alumni, governmen...
Beyond the Professoriate
BY JENNIFER POLK | April 17 2014
imposter syndrome. I haven't had it once in the full five months that I’ve been working -- and this is in a new field, and a new role. I found imposter syndrome to be one of the most insidious and difficult things about graduate school and academia -- even though I was aware of it, it still got to...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | March 04 2014

Liz Koblyk explores the role that confidence plays in both career exploration and the job search.

While I’m writing this, “Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?” tops University Affairs’ Most Emailed list and nearly tops the Most Read list. The article has me thinking about confidence and its odd perceived roles in the career hunt.It’s funny how, in university career centres, we te...
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