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Beyond the Professoriate

BY JENNIFER POLK | December 13 2019

“Throughout grad school, I always thought about how I could leverage my research, writing, analytical, and communication skills if an academic job never panned out.”

BY JENNIFER POLK | November 15 2019

Sarah Lockyer, an Acadian from New Brunswick, earned her PhD in bioarchaeology at Bournemouth University in the U.K. She is now the Canadian Armed Forces’s casualty identification coordinator and forensic anthropologist. She can be found on Twitter @s_lockyer. What did you hope for in terms of employment as you completed your PhD? Truth be told, […]

BY JENNIFER POLK | November 01 2019

You do not have to accept the labour conditions that have become the norm in universities, even if you are passionate about research and teaching.

BY JENNIFER POLK | September 17 2019

The goal of the conference is to help PhDs move into meaningful, rewarding careers where they can thrive.

BY MAREN WOOD | August 27 2019

Engaging students in community partnerships is one way for them to get an authentic experience in a non-academic context.

BY JENNIFER POLK | August 09 2019

“I’m surprised, in a good way, by the extent to which some of my personal traits, which were not of particular help to me in academia, are very helpful to me at my current job,” says Sarah.

BY MAREN WOOD | August 02 2019

All of the advice stems from the common thread that institutions, now more than ever, must do something to train students for a variety of career fields.

BY MAREN WOOD | June 28 2019

Read about two students who participated in the PhD Co-op and how it benefited their career trajectories.

BY JENNIFER POLK | May 07 2019

“Fundamentally my overarching objective is to support researchers in driving their research program via securing national, European, or international funding awards and grants,” says Hayley.

BY JENNIFER POLK | April 18 2019

“The traits and abilities which make medical science liaisons successful are the same that make a successful doctoral or postdoctoral scientist,” says the founder of Meristem Health.

BY JENNIFER POLK | March 27 2019

In addition to how-to workshops and panel discussions, this year’s career education conference will include a series of career spotlights from PhDs working in a variety of fields.

BY MAREN WOOD | February 18 2019

Helium‘s approach is to interview guests from both inside and outside academia to help early career researchers make choices strategically, rather than reactively.

BY MAREN WOOD | January 31 2019

A successful career transition starts with an adviser who’s supportive, encouraging, and open to different ways of defining professional victory.

BY JENNIFER POLK | November 26 2018

While individual initiative is vital, a larger cultural shift is needed.

BY MAREN WOOD | November 01 2018

Aurora is designed to help students explore career options and learn strategies they need to find non-faculty careers.

BY MAREN WOOD | October 23 2018

What has and hasn’t worked at institutions that support career development and professionalization.

BY JENNIFER POLK | September 27 2018

No one book can cover everything a job seeker might find useful to know, but with that in mind, Parachute is an excellent resource for anyone seeking employment outside academia.

BY JENNIFER POLK | August 24 2018

Moving from a PhD in religious studies to working at a teaching and learning centre has sparked an interest in communications and marketing for Dr. Muravchick.

BY JENNIFER POLK | August 17 2018

Conferences are a great space to expand your network of higher-ed contacts.

BY MAREN WOOD | July 19 2018

As pioneers in building careers that use their experience as scholars and teachers, former academics can show you what is possible.