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By MAREN WOOD | April 30 2018

Precarity is a staple of our professional culture, and once we understand the challenges, we can develop strategies for overcoming them.

By MAREN WOOD | April 13 2018

By using the internet in an intentional way, you’ll be empowered to conduct an effective, less stressful job search.

By JENNIFER POLK | April 09 2018

Read part 3 in our series on what to expect when working beyond the professoriate.

By MAREN WOOD | March 26 2018

We think all PhD students would benefit from attending, and that includes individuals who are committed to securing an academic position after graduation.

By JENNIFER POLK | March 20 2018

Lindy Ledohowski has a PhD in English, and is co-founder and CEO of EssayJack Inc., an educational start-up company. She was previously a tenure-track professor of English at the University of Waterloo. Lindy wrote a Transition Q & A in May 2016. Read that here. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter @DoctorLindy, […]

By JENNIFER POLK | March 07 2018

Follow how Jared started his career in academe, left to work in the public service and then came back to work as a professor.

By JENNIFER POLK | February 23 2018

Learn more about various office designs, potential meeting frequency, whether electronics are provided, as well as how much travel could be involved in a non-academic workplace.

By MAREN WOOD | February 12 2018

Jennifer Polk and Maren Wood want faculty, students and administrators to be careful when they interpret the data found in the 10,000 PhDs report.

By JENNIFER POLK | January 31 2018

What to expect in a non-academic workplace when it comes to dress code, vacation time, work hours and hierarchy.

By MAREN WOOD | January 24 2018

How to transition between the often individualistic world of academic success and the collaborative dynamics of modern industry.

By JENNIFER POLK | January 09 2018

This is a guest post by Raj Dhiman, PhD, who works as an inside sales manager (small business) at Rogers Communication. Unemployment hurts. Plain and simple. I experienced it when I left academia about five years ago. I was PhD in hand and applying for the “obvious” jobs: assistant professor, research scientist, postdoc. No luck. […]

By JENNIFER POLK | December 08 2017

Today, the civil service is lean, constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality results while keeping departmental budgets low.

By MAREN WOOD | November 28 2017

Kara Brisson-Boivin created a program at Carleton University that plants the seeds of career transition early in the PhD process by weaving it into the curriculum, as well as professional development training.

By JENNIFER POLK | November 14 2017

Guest writer Jessica Hartshorn says conferences can, and should, be a place to add to your reputation and develop name recognition.

By MAREN WOOD | November 02 2017

The more open universities are about where their PhDs are getting jobs, the better equipped current students are to forge their own career paths.

By MAREN WOOD | October 17 2017

Bringing together individuals and institutions from across North America who are actively working to help smart, creative people move from graduate studies into meaningful work.

By JENNIFER POLK | October 02 2017

The name of this blog is changing.

By JENNIFER POLK | August 25 2017

Ms. Steel explains that the days of staying at one company for an entire career are gone. So accept it, take risks, always learn, and see where it leads.

By JENNIFER POLK | July 14 2017

Niem Huynh earned her PhD from Wilfrid Laurier University in geography (geography education). She is currently enjoying her role as manager, graduate student recruitment at Concordia University where she works with stakeholders to implement timely and meaningful connections with prospective graduate students. Niem is an explorer of career opportunities, having worked in the high school, […]

By JENNIFER POLK | June 28 2017

Self-described as intellectually restless, Daniel has pivoted his career to focus on innovation policy.