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By JENNIFER POLK | October 03 2013

UPDATED The original post included incorrect information. Streuber is an adjunct at Valparaiso’s Graduate School and Continuing Education division, not the College of Adult Scholars. Sonja Streuber earned her MA in English from the University of California, Davis, where she also spent several years in the PhD program before leaving ABD. She later earned an […]

By JENNIFER POLK | September 19 2013

Jared Wesley earned his PhD in political science from the University of Calgary. He’s now director of federal-provincial relations for the government of Alberta, adjunct professor of political science at the University of Alberta, adjunct professor of political studies at the University of Manitoba, and academic chair of the Institute for Public Administration Canada (IPAC) (Edmonton […]

By JENNIFER POLK | September 17 2013

I’m working on a piece for OCUFA about my reasons for not pursuing a tenure-track job. Reflecting on the topic — there’s much to unpack there! — eventually led me to think about how different people within academia actually inhabit their own unique spaces. Take a handful of tenured professors, even in the same or […]

By JENNIFER POLK | September 11 2013

Maria Irchenhauser received her PhD in German literature from Queen’s University. She now manages the German division of an international media company in London, UK. Find her online over at LinkedIn and follow her @M_Irchenhauser. What did you hope for in terms of employment as you completed your PhD? When I completed my PhD in […]

By JENNIFER POLK | September 04 2013

I’ve just finished hosting my first group coaching call and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. That’s how I feel about my life these days in general: pretty darn good. A year ago—less, even—I was jokingly telling friends and acquaintances that I was a loser with a PhD. I was only half joking. How […]