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By RENEE POLZIEHN | June 20 2019

Postdoctoral fellows are a unique group and they need career advice tailored specifically to them.

By MIRA SUCHAROV | May 31 2019

Once you’ve decided you want to jump into the public commen­tary sphere, how can you land on a specific idea?

By STUART CHAMBERS | April 26 2019

These six strategies can easily be implemented as part of a proactive approach to essay writing.

By ELISSA GURMAN | April 12 2019

Until more non-academic employers understand the meaning and value of a PhD, many more PhD holders will likely have to start at the bottom.

By ANDREA EIDINGER | April 10 2019

When all applicants are equally talented, the final decision often comes down to factors that are completely beyond our control.

By DERRICK E. RANCOURT | March 12 2019

The importance of putting students in the (career) driver’s seat.


A good TPS is a living document and a key part of our self-assessment as educators.

By OLDRICH BUBAK | February 26 2019

How McMaster University’s faculty of engineering is motivating new professors to improve their teaching effectiveness.

By AMANDA DOBBIE & SAMAH SABRA | February 13 2019

When we stop to consider the demands that leadership can involve, we are enabling each other to move forward, together.

By JOSÉ F. DOMENE | January 08 2019

Partners who accompany international students tend to be well-educated, yet many experience difficulties pursuing their own career goals once in Canada.

By MICHAEL RANCIC | January 04 2019

A new book aims to understand why a small subset of professionals actively resists retirement.

By DAVID SMITH | December 17 2018

As time goes by, I’m having more and more misgivings about using social media.

By TARA SIEBARTH | November 26 2018

UA web editor Tara Siebarth tested out the tongue-loosening properties of improv games for science communicators at the Canadian Science Policy Conference.

By DEANNA ENGLAND | October 29 2018

Not only can career services administer assessments, but they can also offer resources that offer a different perspective.

By TARA SIEBARTH | September 25 2018

“You and I only have one non-renewable resource in life – and that is time,” says Carleton University professor Tim Pychyl.

By BARBARA J. FALK | September 18 2018

Reflections from a search committee member.


Good leaders listen more, assume less, and listen more again.

By NATALIE SAMSON | August 29 2018

How to prepare in case someone discloses to you.

By DENISE SARAH BOYLE | August 02 2018

One academic’s experience working as a non-faculty staff researcher.

By GARRETT RICHARDS | June 22 2018

Whether you are a presenter, a chair, or a discussant, you will have some influence on the overall experience of the audience in your session.