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Career Advice

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | September 19 2011

Analysis of each major section of the application, with tips on what info should be front and center.

BY NICOLA KOPER | September 12 2011

It is a delicate balancing act.

BY ADAM CRYMBLE | August 17 2011

The essential info to include when selling yourself at a networking event.

BY TAMARA PEYTON | June 13 2011

Digital worlds, ethics and liability.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 04 2011

Just because they were born when computers were in every household, does not make Millenials all-knowing about the Internet or the technology that surrounds it.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 04 2011

Take your life back from e-mail, Google Reader and Twitter!


The UNB Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning has created a helpful resource for teachers to share ideas.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | March 07 2011

To accept ‘good enough’, be ready to get uncomfortable.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | February 22 2011

Rochelle knows how to make your academic life easier. She tells you which software is worth investing in.

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | February 07 2011

They can help propel your career.

BY JASON CONNELL | January 12 2011

This vital skill can open doors to funding, contacts and new opportunities.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | January 12 2011

Rochelle thinks really far ahead. What will universities be like in 500 years?

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | December 06 2010

Saying no doesn’t have to be a painful task.

BY UA/AU | December 06 2010

Rochelle explains the difference between Google searching and academic browsing – and why the two should not be confused.

BY UA/AU | November 08 2010

Rochelle explores the current state of university courseware and suggests how an ideal system should work.

BY NANDA DIMITROV | November 08 2010

Your feedback may have different meanings.

BY JO VANEVERY | October 12 2010

An explanation of whether this is the right fit for you.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 12 2010

In the future, will we continue to store our files on a computer, or will we be storing everything on a cloud?

BY UA/AU | September 13 2010

In this inaugural episode, Rochelle delves in to the world of Twitter. Yes, it can actually be useful to academics.

BY CARLA GUNN | September 13 2010

The public and private sides of social networking.