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By PHILIP FINE | February 22 2010

A new website opens the door to some of the lesser-known scholarships offered by the Canadian government.

By CARLA GUNN | February 08 2010

Secrecy, exclusion and collusion on academic committees.

By UA/AU | January 11 2010

Whose job is it?

By CHRISTINA CHANT | January 11 2010

Resources to get you started

By UA/AU | January 11 2010

An interview with Brian Campbell, dean of graduate studies at chair of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

By CAROLYN WATTERS | November 23 2009

An interview with Marianne Stanford, chair of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars

By CHRISTINA CHANT | November 09 2009

Two-day program is geared for postsecondary administrators at Canadian universities and colleges

By ADAM CHAPNICK | November 09 2009

Once considered little more than an interesting project for particularly motivated instructors, teaching dossiers have over the last half-decade graduated to the academic mainstream

By CAROLYN WATTERS | November 09 2009

An interview with Sunny Marche, associate dean of graduate studies at Dalhousie University

By FRANCINE MCKENZIE | October 16 2009

Understanding and engaging reviewers is key to winning the confidence of editorial boards

By UA/AU | October 05 2009

How should a freshly minted graduate behave when they are hired for their first professional job out of university?

By CAROLYN WATTERS | September 21 2009

An interview with Janice Deakin, the associate vice-principal and dean of graduate studies and research at Queen’s University

By BALBIR GILL | September 08 2009

A pair of profs seasoned in service learning offer their thoughts

By CAROLYN WATTERS | August 04 2009

An interview with Chet Jablonski, Assistant provost, research and graduate studies at Zayed University in Dubai

By ADAM CHAPNICK | August 04 2009

You’ve just been given the chance to teach your first academic course. It was not entirely expected, and you have less time than you would like to prepare. What do you do? The first steps are to stay calm and be realistic. Your first teaching experience will not be your best, your course is unlikely […]

By BALBIR GILL | June 08 2009

Real-time feedback from students – when used to effect – can energize your classroom

By CAROLYN WATTERS | June 08 2009

An interview with two graduate students association presidents

By CAROLYN WATTERS | May 11 2009

An interview with Noreen Golfman, dean of graduate studies at Memorial University

By UA/AU | May 11 2009

This year’s top academic conferences feature career development programs with something for everyone

By DANIEL DROLET | April 06 2009

The annual gathering of humanities and social sciences associations is coming May 23 to 31 in Ottawa. Are you ready to make new friends?