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Career Advice

BY IAN MACLACHLAN | September 13 2010

How to submit an article to a peer-reviewed journal.

BY MICHAEL MCINTYRE | August 16 2010

The slippery slope of budgeting your research grants.

BY UA/AU | August 16 2010

An interview with Doug Peers, associate vice-president graduate and dean of graduate studies at York University, on why academics should consider the life of an administrator.

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | July 12 2010

Students and teachers often misunderstand each other’s intentions.


A Canadian academic decamps for the Persian Gulf, and a very different postsecondary system.

BY UA/AU | May 03 2010

An interview with Jack Duffy, a professor at Dalhousie University, on the benefits of becoming a university administrator.

BY JASON CONNELL | April 06 2010

Volunteer work can contribute to your graduate research and strengthen your CV.

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | March 22 2010

Tips for building your academic profile.

BY ADAM CRYMBLE | March 08 2010

Improve your writing skills and beef up your CV by submitting to a more mainstream media outlet.

BY UA/AU | March 08 2010

By simply switching on his home computer and picking up the phone, Tom Erickson is already at the office. Could you work this way?

BY PHILIP FINE | February 22 2010

A new website opens the door to some of the lesser-known scholarships offered by the Canadian government.

BY CARLA GUNN | February 08 2010

Secrecy, exclusion and collusion on academic committees.

BY UA/AU | January 11 2010

Whose job is it?

BY CHRISTINA CHANT | January 11 2010

Resources to get you started

BY UA/AU | January 11 2010

An interview with Brian Campbell, dean of graduate studies at chair of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | November 23 2009

An interview with Marianne Stanford, chair of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars

BY CHRISTINA CHANT | November 09 2009

Two-day program is geared for postsecondary administrators at Canadian universities and colleges

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | November 09 2009

Once considered little more than an interesting project for particularly motivated instructors, teaching dossiers have over the last half-decade graduated to the academic mainstream

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | November 09 2009

An interview with Sunny Marche, associate dean of graduate studies at Dalhousie University

BY FRANCINE MCKENZIE | October 16 2009

Understanding and engaging reviewers is key to winning the confidence of editorial boards