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Career Advice

BY FRANCINE MCKENZIE | January 12 2009

Five tips to impress your audience and get the most out of your presentation

BY NICOLE ARBOUR | January 12 2009

Interviewing for jobs in private industry is a piece of cake, if you know what’s expected of you

BY NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | December 15 2008

Scholarly publishers say expect major revisions to your dissertation

BY DALTON KEHOE | December 01 2008

Give your students the gift of a better lecture

BY NICOLE ARBOUR | December 01 2008

Staying Human during Residency Training author Allan D. Peterkin discusses his book

BY NANDA DIMITROV | November 17 2008

Five practical tips to help you beat academic culture shock


Six best practices for supervisors, students and supervisory committees

BY NANDA DIMITROV | November 03 2008

Recognizing the five stages of academic culture shock

November 03 2008

Kevin Hutchings is a professor of English literature at University of Northern British Columbia, as well as a Canada Research Chair in Romantic Studies. He has also produced a CD of music set to the poetry of English poet William Blake (which you can listen to a sampling of here; and, read more about here).

BY MARLENE POMRENKE | October 24 2008

What female scholars need to know to get a faculty job in academia

BY FRANCINE MCKENZIE | October 06 2008

I’ve begun to doubt the value of professional development in favour of the school of hard knocks.

BY UA/AU | October 06 2008

Half the battle in getting your book manuscript or revised dissertation published is choosing the right publisher

BY MARLENE POMRENKE | September 08 2008

New research explains gender-specific barriers to academic success

BY BLESSIE MATHEW | September 08 2008

You know you’re not the next contestant on Beauty and the Geek. So why keep letting employers think that way?

BY CAROLYN STEELE | August 05 2008

More and more scholars are intertwining their interests into fulfilling hybrid academic careers

BY NICOLE ARBOUR | August 05 2008

A postdoc takes a look at what you need to know before embarking upon a career in medical illustration


An expert offers her top 10 tips to improve your grant writing skills

BY CAROLYN STEELE | June 09 2008

The mandarin option is looking better than ever for some graduate students

BY NICOLE ARBOUR | June 09 2008

Bring science from the bench to the bedside in a career that draws on your strengths in research and working with people

BY NICOLE ARBOUR | April 07 2008

An indispensable checklist to help you answer: “Is a science career in academia right for me?”