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By NICOLE ARBOUR | June 09 2008

Bring science from the bench to the bedside in a career that draws on your strengths in research and working with people

By NANDA DIMITROV | April 07 2008

Understanding your cultural differences with international students is the key to fostering a productive and rewarding supervisory relationship

By NICOLE ARBOUR | April 07 2008

An indispensable checklist to help you answer: “Is a science career in academia right for me?”

By JOY MIGHTY | March 10 2008

Nurturing an inclusive classroom is a matter of shaping content, altering conduct and widening context

By MELANIE SCOTT | March 10 2008

An interview with professor John Beck, conflict resolution expert

By CAROLYN STEELE | February 11 2008

Sessional contracts can be ideal for catapulting into a tenure track position – if you use them strategically


Creating a harmonious working relationship between RAs and their supervisors is tantamount to getting good results

By MARLENE DELANGHE | January 07 2008

Taking your science PhD beyond academia

By CAROLYN STEELE | January 07 2008

Knowing how to highlight your relevancy in a range of disciplines can radically increase your job opportunities in the academic market

By LUCKY KALSI + MARIA KAPAKOS | January 07 2008

Two career development specialists offer their best advice on how to write an effective cover letter

By RAYMOND F. CURRIE | December 03 2007

As with all professions, academe presents different issues at different stages – especially mid-career

By CAROLYN STEELE | December 03 2007

How best to highlight your publishing accomplishments – even when the list is brief

By BOBBI KERLIN | November 05 2007

A learning technology coordinator reveals how to keep students engaged and encourage them to participate in the cyber classroom

By SABINE HIKEL | November 05 2007

A first-person account of lessons learned as a TA

By MEGAN BURNETT | November 05 2007

Expert advice on how to work toward your best TA’ship

By SABINE HIKEL | November 05 2007

From English PhD to environmentalist.

By MAEVE HALDANE | October 09 2007

A path to progress, or a parliament of chores?

By MEGAN BURNETT | October 09 2007

Expert advice on how to work toward your best TA’ship

By SABINE HIKEL | October 09 2007

From dramaturge to life coach

By FRED DONNELLY | September 10 2007

This is a useful book for anyone in the academic world and more so for those in the early stages of a scholarly career. Now expanded and updated for its third edition, The Academic’s Handbook began as a colloquium at Duke University some 20 years ago. The editors of the current edition are A. Leigh […]