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By BLESSIE MATHEW | September 08 2008

You know you’re not the next contestant on Beauty and the Geek. So why keep letting employers think that way?

By NICOLE ARBOUR | August 05 2008

A postdoc takes a look at what you need to know before embarking upon a career in medical illustration

By CAROLYN STEELE | August 05 2008

More and more scholars are intertwining their interests into fulfilling hybrid academic careers


An expert offers her top 10 tips to improve your grant writing skills

By CAROLYN STEELE | June 09 2008

The mandarin option is looking better than ever for some graduate students

By NICOLE ARBOUR | June 09 2008

Bring science from the bench to the bedside in a career that draws on your strengths in research and working with people

By NANDA DIMITROV | April 07 2008

Understanding your cultural differences with international students is the key to fostering a productive and rewarding supervisory relationship

By NICOLE ARBOUR | April 07 2008

An indispensable checklist to help you answer: “Is a science career in academia right for me?”

By JOY MIGHTY | March 10 2008

Nurturing an inclusive classroom is a matter of shaping content, altering conduct and widening context

By MELANIE SCOTT | March 10 2008

An interview with professor John Beck, conflict resolution expert

By CAROLYN STEELE | February 11 2008

Sessional contracts can be ideal for catapulting into a tenure track position – if you use them strategically


Creating a harmonious working relationship between RAs and their supervisors is tantamount to getting good results

By MARLENE DELANGHE | January 07 2008

Taking your science PhD beyond academia

By CAROLYN STEELE | January 07 2008

Knowing how to highlight your relevancy in a range of disciplines can radically increase your job opportunities in the academic market

By LUCKY KALSI + MARIA KAPAKOS | January 07 2008

Two career development specialists offer their best advice on how to write an effective cover letter

By RAYMOND F. CURRIE | December 03 2007

As with all professions, academe presents different issues at different stages – especially mid-career

By CAROLYN STEELE | December 03 2007

How best to highlight your publishing accomplishments – even when the list is brief

By BOBBI KERLIN | November 05 2007

A learning technology coordinator reveals how to keep students engaged and encourage them to participate in the cyber classroom

By SABINE HIKEL | November 05 2007

A first-person account of lessons learned as a TA

By MEGAN BURNETT | November 05 2007

Expert advice on how to work toward your best TA’ship