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By CAROLYN WATTERS | May 11 2009

An interview with Noreen Golfman, dean of graduate studies at Memorial University

By CAROLYN WATTERS | April 06 2009

An interview with Kevin Vessey, dean of graduate studies at St. Mary’s University

By DANIEL DROLET | April 06 2009

The annual gathering of humanities and social sciences associations is coming May 23 to 31 in Ottawa. Are you ready to make new friends?

By UA/AU | March 23 2009

University of Windsor’s Janice Drakich breaks down the faculty recruitment process in Canada and offers advice to academics job searching in a recession

By ADAM CHAPNICK | March 09 2009

Straightforward advice for job candidates in search of a professorial recommendation

By NICOLE ARBOUR | March 09 2009

In conversation with Cathy Keates, author of Not for sale! Why we need a new job search mindset

By CAROLYN WATTERS | March 09 2009

An interview with John ApSimon, interim executive director, Ontario Council on Graduate Studies

March 09 2009

Career Corner at Congress 2008 Understanding the differences between a trade publisher and a scholarly press is key to determining where your book will flourish. Understand these two paths to publishing in this in depth CFHSS Congress 2008 Career Corner panel presentation. Panelists include: Lisa Quinn, Acquisitions editor, Wilfrid Laurier University PressPaula Brill, Promotion and […]

By CAROLYN WATTERS | February 23 2009

An interview with Gary Slater, dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies, University of Ottawa

By ALEXANDER L. BOND | February 09 2009

Your website is how you attract scholarly talent to your research program; so why are you letting it languish?

By SUZANNE BOWNESS | February 09 2009

Four steps to make your presence felt online

By CAROLYN WATTERS | February 09 2009

An interview with Dan Russell, research scientist at Google

February 09 2009

Career Corner at Congress 2008 Not sure how to prepare for the campus visit and academic interview? Negotiating an offer but don’t know how to talk about salary? This A-to-Z presentation from CFHSS Congress 2008’s Career Corner takes you from the job market to your first job. Presenter: Jan Nolan, director of faculty renewal and […]

By CAROLYN WATTERS | January 26 2009

An interview with Martin Kreiswirth, dean of graduate studies, McGill University

By FRANCINE MCKENZIE | January 12 2009

Five tips to impress your audience and get the most out of your presentation

By NICOLE ARBOUR | January 12 2009

Interviewing for jobs in private industry is a piece of cake, if you know what’s expected of you

January 12 2009

Career Corner at Congress 2008 Getting your book published at a scholarly press is just half the battle. Learn how leading Canadian university presses work with authors to reach audiences in this Congress 2008 Career Corner presentation. Panelists include:Clare Hitchens, Publicist, Wilfrid Laurier University PressSusan McIntosh, Marketing Manager, McGill-Queen’s University PressDouglas Hildebrand, Sales and Marketing […]

By NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | December 15 2008

Scholarly publishers say expect major revisions to your dissertation

By NICOLE ARBOUR | December 01 2008

Staying Human during Residency Training author Allan D. Peterkin discusses his book

December 01 2008

Career Corner at Congress 2008 How do you target your CV to a particular institution? What are the elements of a strong resumé? This Congress 2008 Career Corner presentation contains detailed expert advice on how best to introduce yourself to academic and non-academic employers. Panelists include:Alexander Dick, Assistant Professor, English Department, UBCMarlene Delanghe, Career Adviser, Career Services, […]