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By DAVID SMITH | November 03 2015

It’s three in morning. I can’t sleep. I’m sweating and anxious. In three hours I have to stand in front of 600 undergraduate students and try my best not to pass out. Like an athlete before the big event, I’m envisioning my lecture slide by slide, which takes my heart rate into overdrive. How did […]

By ASHLEIGH VANHOUTEN | October 27 2015

A discussion with the authors of a cheeky new guide for graduate students.

By NONA ROBINSON | October 13 2015

Understanding their position is one way to start problem-solving on controversial issues.

By SHARI GRAYDON | October 07 2015

Delivering presentations is one of the foundations of scholarly work. But doing so outside of the classroom invariably poses different challenges. Becoming adept at crafting compelling presentations that engage a variety of audiences increases an academic’s opportunities to get others excited about their work. Think strategically When presenting to audiences beyond the institution, identifying in […]

By MICHAEL NEWMAN | September 30 2015

These are my instructions for how to read a certain way: a guide to reading as a means of gaining knowledge you intend to use in something you are going to discuss or write. Of course there are lots of ways to read. You can read for pleasure, to kill time waiting for your kid […]

By JACKIE AMSDEN | September 22 2015

It’s not about you – it’s about your audience.

By NATALIE SAMSON | September 15 2015

A Q&A with two SSHRC administrators on funding opportunities and how the application process works.

By DEBBY WALDMAN | September 09 2015

Academic copyediting program is a crucial resource to a growing number of international graduate students at U of Alberta.

By ASHLEIGH VANHOUTEN | August 26 2015

Author of a new open textbook discusses how faculty instructors can deal with the changing digital environment.

By LAURA MOSS | July 30 2015

Improve your chances with academic journals.


At Congress, a popular Career Corner seminar gives actionable advice on how to increase the quantity, quality and enjoyment of your writing.

By MELONIE FULLICK | June 09 2015

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the digital tools I use in the process of researching and writing and whether others may find these programs useful. Here, I focus on tools I’ve worked with in various ways for academic and other research over the past year. Topsy: Twitter research, past and present If you’re doing any […]

By JASLEEN SINGH | May 22 2015

Do you often find yourself spending time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? Are you quick to incorporate new blogs, Prezi or audio programs into your school projects or presentations? If you’re intrigued and challenged by the chance to explore, evaluate and promote various technologies, perhaps you should consider a career that […]


The importance of mentorship in graduate education

By NATALIE SAMSON | May 05 2015

Margaret Doyle works in the university’s marketing department to enhance engagement by creating a “living narrative”

By WILLIAM JOHNSON | April 24 2015

Reflection is key


When Emily Carr University of Art and Design professor Charles Dobson made a one-line entry in Wikipedia in 2010, he was surprised by the reaction. He’d merely noted that Emily Carr was the first school in North America to make a course on sustainability a requirement for all design majors. Eight days later both U.S. […]

By JENNIFER POLK | April 07 2015

Career coaches seem to be rising in popularity these days. Once hired primarily by mid- and late-career professionals in the corporate world, coaches and career consultants these days are sometimes specializing in working with graduate students and academics. Their services were news to me when I was in the early stages of my post-PhD transition. […]

By UA/AU | March 31 2015

E-portfolios can be a great supplement to a CV – but they are not for everyone, explains Brock psychology professor Tanya Martini.

By SHARI GRAYDON | March 18 2015

Why you should adopt some basic storytelling principles.