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By KELLY GALLANT | February 19 2014

There are steps you can take to help combat it.

By ADAM CHAPNICK | February 12 2014

Why service should now be your number one priority.

January 29 2014

How cultural intelligence helps students prepare for interactions with different cultures.

January 22 2014

Tips on how to prepare the classroom for students from different cultures.

By ROGER GRAVES | January 15 2014

How to get your students to submit better assignments.

By ISABEAU IQBAL | January 08 2014

Express complex ideas clearly and elegantly.

December 18 2013

Adding teaching experience will make you attractive to hiring committees.

December 11 2013

April McNeil, a career educator at the University of Victoria, gives tips on what grad students can do to make themselves more attractive to both academic and non-academic employers before they finish their PhD.

By ADAM CRYMBLE | December 04 2013

It’s time we had “The Talk”.

By JACQUELINE MARTINZ | November 27 2013

How to make sites like LinkedIn and Twitter work for you.

November 20 2013

Janni Aragon, a professor at the University of Victoria, speaks about the social media tools she uses in her classroom – and explains how other professors can do the same thing. Show/hide transcript What I would suggest if you are completely new to social media: choose one platform. Be it Reddit, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, whatever […]

By SHANNON GADBOIS | November 13 2013

Handling the transition to your sabbatical is a key to its success.

By ZOPITO MARINI | November 06 2013

How to cultivate civility.

By ANU GUPTA | October 30 2013

A University of New Brunswick study reveals the common characteristics of great grad students.

October 23 2013

April McNeil, a career educator at the University of Victoria, describes how graduate students can prepare for a non-academic job search. Show/hide transcript I think what makes it really challenging for graduate students to make a decision about within or outside of the academy, is they have had no exposure to what’s available for them outside of the academy. […]

By HARRIET EISENKRAFT | October 16 2013

Interview excerpts from our feature article “Examining the roots of the perennial gender gap in the STEM disciplines”.

By CHRISTOPHER BUDDLE | October 16 2013

Without learning how to delegate, burnout is inevitable.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 02 2013

MOOCs. They have the potential to revolutionize higher education – but will they?

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 02 2013

They have the potential to revolutionize higher education – but will they?


Advice for new or potential graduate students.