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Strategies for landing your first academic position

FEB 09 2009

Career Corner at Congress 2008

Not sure how to prepare for the campus visit and academic interview? Negotiating an offer but don’t know how to talk about salary? This A-to-Z presentation from CFHSS Congress 2008’s Career Corner takes you from the job market to your first job.

Presenter: Jan Nolan, director of faculty renewal and academic leadership initiatives, University of Victoria

Introduction (2:42 mins)

How to prepare for the academic job market (7:13 mins)

Your supervisor’s role in preparing you for the acacdemic job market (2:12 mins)

Where to look for academic job listings and advertisements (1:36 mins)

Why you need to know yourself before going on the academic job market (9:42 mins)

How to prepare for the campus visit and academic job interview (7:16 mins)

Tips for the academic interview (4:50 mins)

Standard academic interview questions and how to answer them (4:21 mins)

Good questions for you to ask in your academic interview (2:13 mins)

Overall strategies for your academic interview (4:32 mins)

Tips for after the campus visit and academic interview (1:15 mins)

Tips for negotiating the offer of an academic position (8:14 mins)


Questions & Asides:

How formally should I address members of the search committee? (1:33 mins)

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  1. Curious / December 13, 2011 at 09:13

    I would like more about how to handle the inappropriate and illegal questions. I know it still goes on, and I’d like to see more examples of good and bad ways to respond. I know two individuals who were asked the spouse question (interviewing for the same job). They both handled it differently, but learned later that the person who got the job answered it. Candidates need advise in this area, because it seems deflecting the illegal question isn’t working, and without a job, no candidate has the courage to file suit.

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