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Contractually Bound

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | March 02 2015

There are ethical issues around overlooking those who remain hidden in plain sight.

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | January 29 2015

Precarious academic labour transcends borders in 200-member adjunct “think tank.”

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | September 24 2014

Workplace culture involves you, too.

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | May 21 2014

We need a national strategy to reform EI rules that acknowledges the specific labour conditions of sessional teachers.

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | April 23 2014

Working with your faculty association can reap rewards.

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | March 04 2014

Let’s discard our false assumptions about adjuncts’ relationship with the university, tenured faculty and the public.

BY KANE X. FAUCHER | February 05 2014

Planning, collaboration, and other issues of importance to contract faculty in Canada.