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Editor’s Note, March-April 2021

Endings and beginnings
It has been an immense privilege, but it’s time for me to say farewell

I have been writing this editorial in my head for a while now. That’s because this is my last issue as editor of University Affairs. After more than 21 years working for the magazine – first as senior writer, then deputy editor and finally as editor starting in 2015 – I have decided to take my retirement. In fact, I will be retired by the time you read this (my last day is February 26).

“I’ll try this for a year and see how it goes,” I thought to myself when I was hired. One year turned to two, two years became five, five became 10, and so on. Needless to say, it went very well. It has been an immense privilege to work for such a great publication and such a dedicated and professional organization in Universities Canada, publisher of the magazine. I’d especially like to thank the talented and diligent editorial and production team at UA. In a difficult era for magazine publishing, we have not only survived but thrived, adapting and expanding over the years how we serve our audience.

Speaking of our audience, I wish to thank you, dear readers. Your support and contributions to the magazine are a confirmation of the valuable work we’re doing. In all my years in publishing I have never met such an idealistic, dedicated and hard-working bunch as all of you who toil at Canada’s universities – faculty, administrators and staff alike. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the incredible work of our freelance writers – we literally could not do it without you.

And, with that, let me introduce you to the new editor: Michel Proulx. An alumnus of the University of Ottawa, Michel spent the first 10 years of his career as a print reporter and editor working for a variety of newspapers and magazines. He most recently worked for CBC as a reporter-editor on the digital desk for the North region. Prior to that, Michel was executive editor of news and media relations at the University of Alberta, where he led a team of journalists and created the stand-alone news site,

I would also like to welcome another fine addition to the magazine: Malinda Smith, whose inaugural From the Administrator’s Chair column appears in this issue. Dr. Smith is vice-provost, equity, diversity and inclusion, and a professor of political science, at the University of Calgary. All the best.

Léo Charbonneau