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By PAT RICH | August 09 2017

The U of Ottawa biophysicist, whose daring research has attracted worldwide attention, values creativity above all else.

By ANONYMOUS | August 02 2017

If you work with more than six people, it’s likely you work with someone who has experienced, will experience, or is currently experiencing fertility issues.

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | July 20 2017

Discover the works of famous architects such as Douglas Cardinal, Ernest Cormier, Ron Thom and Arthur Erickson.

By MOIRA MACDONALD | June 07 2017

Most of them won’t be celebrating.

By UA/AU | June 01 2017

To mark Canada’s 150th, fifty fun facts about Canada’s campuses.

By FRANCES BULA | May 24 2017

UBC’s “Moments that Matter” course mines departmental expertise to transform a second-year history course into a team performance.


Quebec’s chief scientist, Rémi Quirion, talks about the effect of knowledge on society and his role as a “cheerleader” for research.


Lessons learned from the presidential transition committee at the University of Saskatchewan.

By THERESA TAYLER | April 05 2017

It’s now simply a given among student affairs professionals that parents will be involved in their children’s lives at university.

By SUZANNE BOWNESS | April 04 2017

The movement is also aiming to reimagine and democratize learning technologies.

By LISA PHILIPPS | March 29 2017

One academic’s journey in search of new perspectives.

By RICHARD HARRISON | March 21 2017

A funny thing happened when four writers were tasked with creating poems on demand at a higher-ed conference in Ottawa.

By LAUREN MCKEON | March 08 2017

Though more relevant than ever, the field seems to have to continually justify its existence.

By NATALIE SAMSON | March 06 2017

Accessibility offices are encouraging students with autism to turn to their peers for support through university life.

By JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | March 01 2017

Five years after the Printemps érable, one of the biggest protest movements ever to hit Quebec, the province’s universities remain underfunded and beset by a series of unresolved issues.

By ANQI SHEN | February 21 2017

From cherished childhood stories to highbrow literature to weighty non-fiction, academics weigh in.

By MOIRA MACDONALD | February 08 2017

University students are increasingly seeking stints volunteering in developing countries. Now, there’s a move to make these trips more ethical and meaningful to both students and their hosts.

By MARK CARDWELL | February 06 2017

Looking at ways to stop Canadians from becoming radicalized.

By NATALIE SAMSON | January 25 2017

The outgoing vice-provost, students, is taking up a new post at Sheridan College.

By ADAM CRYMBLE | January 23 2017

An expat explains how a temporary leave to study in the U.K. turned into a life abroad – and what the government could do to bring him back.