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By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | April 10 2013

Desire2Learn, one of Canada’s technology success stories, can trace its roots directly to a university classroom.

By TIM JOHNSON | April 10 2013

Faced with cutbacks and other significant challenges, university field schools are forging ahead by using their difficulties as their strengths.

By SUZANNE BOWNESS | March 13 2013

Everything you wanted to know about digital humanities.

By TEMA FRANK | March 13 2013

Alumni departments turn to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more, to engage alumni.

By CAITLIN CRAWSHAW | March 13 2013

The University of Alberta boasts the largest number of NSERC Industrial Research Chairs in the country, and it’s on the hunt for even more.

By PATRICK J. MONAHAN | February 06 2013

York University modernized its system for choosing academic administrators based on research about what works.

By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | February 06 2013

Too many students are dropping out of doctoral programs or taking too long to finish, prompting some universities to question what they can do to help them along.

By JACOB BERKOWITZ | February 06 2013

Will “publish or perish” soon include “video or vanish”?

By BRAD MACKAY | January 09 2013

How Anthony Bogaert’s pioneering research on asexuality is forcing us to rethink human sexual behaviour.

By TIM JOHNSON | January 09 2013

Driven by diverse factors, retiring academics are leaving their mark in varied – and often surprising – ways.

By MOIRA MACDONALD | January 09 2013

Sessional instructors are now a crucial part of the teaching equation at most Canadian universities. Some say it’s time to include them more fully in the life of the institution.

By DANIEL MCCABE | December 05 2012

Today’s research environment pushes for the quick fix, but successful science needs time to think.

By MOIRA MACDONALD | December 05 2012

The 2011 census information about families, released this past fall, delivered a wealth of new data.

By VIRGINIA GALT | December 05 2012

“We are family,” sang Sister Sledge back in 1979, but today what form that family takes is undergoing tremendous change, with important implications for society.

By ROSLYN DAKIN | December 05 2012

Could an economic perspective on grades help improve university teaching?

By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | November 07 2012

Whether you see them as a catalyst for change or mostly as hype, MOOCs are fundamentally different from other forays into open online learning.

By PEGGY BERKOWITZ | November 07 2012

An interview with Rosanna Tamburri about her experience taking her first massive open online course (MOOC).

By TEMA FRANK | November 07 2012

Nothing beats a sabbatical away from home, but nowadays there are other ways to recharge your scholarship.

By ALBERT BRAZ | November 01 2012

A literary scholar looks back, and ahead, to diagnose the problems facing his field.

By MOIRA FARR | October 10 2012

At universities across the country, scientists are happily leaving the isolation of their old labs and offices to discover the “intellectual collisions” in new collaborative spaces.