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September 05 2012

Advice and insight to help you succeed in teaching your first university course.

July 11 2012

Ever wondered what goes on at a think tank? Find out what skills you need to work at one.

March 05 2012

This session addresses some of the challenges that come with “moving the goal post,” from finishing your doctorate to having an active and happy professional life in a new job.

February 06 2012

This workshop is designed for individuals who are looking for work in academia. It focuses on developing a personal teaching portfolio.

January 09 2012

This presentation is meant to offer insights about what grad students should expect if they are considering employment in government compared to a university setting.

December 05 2011

This session helps explore career possibilities, what package of skills/experience/education you might need and how to identify and fill any holes in your CV before hitting the job market.

October 11 2011

You’ve got your job offer – how do you negotiate that first academic position? Research funding? Lab space? How do you make requests without creating tension before you even start your new job? These are the types of questions graduate faculty often hear from their students who have just been offered academic jobs. This presentation will offer insight and suggestions in negotiating the terms of a first job and managing expectations from both sides of the table.

September 01 2011

This workshop presents what the University of New Brunswick Fredericton has learned through the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

September 01 2011

Get an overview of the jobs available in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as what skills are needed in order to succeed.

August 31 2011

A panel of faculty members from various disciplines at various stages in their careers give their thoughts about an academic career and their advice to new instructors.

August 31 2011

Based on the University Affairs blog “Virtually Learning,” this session provides future instructors with a sense of what they might expect during their first online teaching experience.

February 07 2011

A panel of experts familiar with editing, promotion and funding for publication offer advice to academics new to the publishing world, and explain the journey from manuscript to published book.

January 10 2011

Pierre Normand, director of communications at the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, explains ways in which academics can communicate with the media without feeling tongue-tied.

December 06 2010

Knowledge mobilization is a way of translating academic research into information and knowledge that the greater society can benefit from.

November 08 2010

Karen Klomparens and John Beck of Michigan State University suggest ways to defuse conflict when it arises in the academic world.

September 13 2010

Marianne Stanford, chair of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS), speaks about the challenges that today’s postdoctoral scholars face and their prospects outside of the academic “parking lot.”

September 13 2010

Olivia Rovinescu, director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Concordia University teaches new faculty how to design a great lesson plan.

May 03 2010

Carol Miles, director of Learning, Technologies and Teaching Support at Carleton University explains the challenges of starting a career as a new faculty member.

April 06 2010

It’s connecting university research with the outside world in order to benefit society.

March 22 2010

Three SSHRC program officers break down some of the major scholarships and offer up some tips to help your application reach the top of the pile.