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By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | January 21 2015

Listen to an audio interview about graduate earnings.

By SHARI GRAYDON | January 16 2015

In the second episode of Engaging Audiences, Shari Graydon emphasizes the use of visual material when trying to convey your message. Intro music courtesy of Bensound. Your research is important and deserves as much attention as possible. But if no one can understand what you’re talking about, what’s the point? University Affairs magazine and Informed […]

By UA/AU | December 16 2014

How to control your projects.

By NATALIE SAMSON | December 11 2014

The range and quality of research being done by academics at Canadian postsecondary institutions is beyond impressive. We’ve decided to highlight some of this great work in a regular video round-up. For our first installment, have a look at some research happening at Memorial University, the University of Manitoba, and the University of Waterloo: Mapping […]

By SHARI GRAYDON | December 09 2014

Your research is important and deserves as much attention as possible. But if no one can understand what you’re talking about, what’s the point? University Affairs magazine and Informed Opinions have teamed up to bring you a video series on how to communicate your research to a wide audience. Hosted by Shari Graydon, it will […]

December 02 2014

A number of universities celebrated big anniversaries in 2014. Here’s a look at how some institutions marked the milestone: The University of Guelph takes a look back at 50 years on campus. For its 50th, Trent University celebrated through story and song. Trent also made this snappy video outlining a short history of the institution […]

October 22 2014

Which common errors are holding you back from completing a successful job search?

October 21 2014

Learn the three key elements to using LinkedIn effectively.

August 20 2014

These are the main skills that non-academic and academic employers are seeking out in potential candidates.

June 25 2014

Making sure your digital brand aligns with your research and personality is key when applying to jobs.

June 04 2014

Experts share advice on academic and non-academic career development.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 23 2014

Instant feedback is extremely valuable to a teacher, especially in larger classes. Classroom response systems or clickers help make this possible.

January 29 2014

How cultural intelligence helps students prepare for interactions with different cultures.

January 22 2014

Tips on how to prepare the classroom for students from different cultures.

December 18 2013

Adding teaching experience will make you attractive to hiring committees.

December 11 2013

April McNeil, a career educator at the University of Victoria, gives tips on what grad students can do to make themselves more attractive to both academic and non-academic employers before they finish their PhD.

November 20 2013

Janni Aragon, a professor at the University of Victoria, speaks about the social media tools she uses in her classroom – and explains how other professors can do the same thing. Show/hide transcript What I would suggest if you are completely new to social media: choose one platform. Be it Reddit, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, whatever […]

October 23 2013

April McNeil, a career educator at the University of Victoria, describes how graduate students can prepare for a non-academic job search. Show/hide transcript I think what makes it really challenging for graduate students to make a decision about within or outside of the academy, is they have had no exposure to what’s available for them outside of the academy. […]

By HARRIET EISENKRAFT | October 16 2013

Interview excerpts from our feature article “Examining the roots of the perennial gender gap in the STEM disciplines”.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 02 2013

MOOCs. They have the potential to revolutionize higher education – but will they?