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By NATALIE SAMSON | February 26 2016

Globe and Mail Ontario to offer grants to cover college tuition for low-income students Changes in student aid unveiled in the budget are the most radical shift in decades in how the province delivers loans and grants to college and university students, and show the government wants to get more low-income people into postsecondary. CBC […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 24 2016

Maclean’s University or college? Polytechnics fall somewhere in between Polytechnics have four-year degrees and an eye on the job market. iPolitics Research hospitals seek piece of social infrastructure pie A new healthcare lobby group representing Canada’s research hospitals is on the Hill today with the hopes of grabbing a piece of the government’s new social […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 23 2016

CTV News Dalhousie University to deal with recommendations in sexism report within two years Recommendations from a report into the Facebook sexism scandal at the dentistry school at Dalhousie will be implemented within the next two years, president Richard Florizone said Monday. London Free Press Campus radio levy debated as media landscape changes Two members […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 22 2016

Saskatoon StarPhoenix Indigenous university students more likely to be stopped by police, survey says Indigenous university students in Saskatoon and Regina are 1.6 times more likely to be stopped by police on the street compared to non-indigenous students, according to a new survey aimed at gathering data on racial profiling in the prairie provinces. ChronicleHerald […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 19 2016

CBC Not enough students to fill university satellite campuses, expert says Laurentian to close Barrie campus, Nipissing to close Muskoka campus: Why aren’t these campuses working? Montreal Gazette Editorial: The shortage of women in science It is to be hoped achievements like Victoria Kaspi’s will encourage more girls to pursue science as a field of […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | February 18 2016

CBC Diversity quotas at University of Manitoba ‘a good plan’ students say U of M plans to set aside 45 percent of education faculty spots for ‘diversity categories.’ CBC France Gelinas rallies for Ontario’s first French university Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas introduced a bill for a francophone university last May. National Post Jewish group […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 17 2016

CBC UBC sex assault complainant filing human rights grievance UBC says its report into the handling of the allegations shows university officials acted in good faith. CBC Education experts spar over affirmative action at University of Manitoba Faculty of education to set aside 45% of spots for students from ‘diversity categories.’ Huffington Post Canada Opinion: […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 16 2016

Globe and Mail McGill astrophysicist is first woman to win Canada’s top science award Victoria Kaspi, director of the McGill Space Institute, is the first woman to claim the prestigious award in its 25-year history, a startling reminder of the overwhelming gender imbalance that persists at the highest levels of Canadian academia. Globe and Mail […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 12 2016

Toronto Star Foreign student gets second shot at work permit amid ‘distance learning’ flap A recent court decision has renewed hopes for other international graduates enrolled in online courses and denied work visas. Global News U of Manitoba education program dedicating 45 per cent of spots to ‘diverse’ students New policy states that 45 percent […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 11 2016

Globe and Mail Ontario voters not concerned about increase in contract professors: poll Voters are not willing to pay higher taxes to support postsecondary education and don’t believe the issue of professors increasingly teaching on contract is a high priority. CBC Opinion: What is learning? Does the age-old system of teaching still work? Most Likely […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 10 2016

Vancouver Sun UBC leaders set meeting to discuss governance issues Students and faculty have called for an external review of the university’s board. CBC Nipissing University closing Muskoka campus by end of June ‘We realize that this is a difficult decision for students and families,’ dean says in statement. Chronicle Herald Some things to know […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 09 2016

Winnipeg Free Press A TRIUMF for art and Canada’s home to particle and nuclear physics The artist-in-residence program at TRIUMF in Vancouver is bridging the divide between art and nuclear physics, allowing artists to interpret science, while bringing those scientific ideas to the public in a more accessible fashion. Maclean’s How universities are helping students […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 08 2016

Ottawa Citizen Carleton researchers study responses to sex assault reports Two Carleton University researchers have been awarded a total of $278,000 look into better ways to treat reports of sexual assault and harassment. Ottawa Citizen Opinion: The way forward on sexual assault on campus As strengthen UofO’s response to sexual violence, we hope our partners […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 05 2016

Metro News UHN stands by suspension of researchers’ labs Last summer, three scientific journal articles the pair co-authored were retracted. The Tyee ‘Crisis’ threatens UBC’s credibility, say faculty reps Board must stop ‘operating in shadows’ demands open letter to chair, premier. Global News ‘My university failed’: Université de Moncton student criticizes institution Education student said […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 04 2016

iPolitics Opinion: What will it take to make Ottawa take science seriously? One hundred-plus days into the Liberal mandate we can ask ourselves: What has the new government done to improve the climate for evidence-based decision-making? Chronicle Herald High N.S. tuition fees overshadow efforts to complete university NSCAD, Saint Mary’s, Mount St. Vincent and King’s […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | February 03 2016

CBC Mount Allison drops women’s and gender studies program, says prof Students notified by professor that university has cut budget for program in 2016-17 academic year. Montreal Gazette Research assistants decry McGill University’s whistleblowing policy The university’s policy has come under fire by research assistants saying it lacks transparency or accountability. Guelph Tribune University of Waterloo student […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | February 02 2016

The Vancouver Sun UBC board to vote on fossil fuel investments Faculty and students have called for the university’s endowment fund to drop such energy companies. The Aboriginal grads join push to help peers embrace higher learning There are 6,500 aboriginal students now at Ontario universities, but only 9 per cent of Ontario aboriginal […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 01 2016

CBC UBC Faculty Association calls handling of Gupta’s resignation a ‘governance failure’ ‘It was very concerning for us that there was this behind-the-scenes secret process.’ Globe and Mail Opinion: Why university reform was a game Gupta was destined to lose Former UBC President Arvind Gupta found himself in a high-stakes showdown with the university board, […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | January 28 2016

The Globe and Mail Former University of British Columbia president says he regrets resigning over rift with board Dr. Gupta conceded his plan for UBC clashed with views held by members of the administration. CBC University enrolment in P.E.I. up 1.4% The number of local students has dropped “significantly” but was offset by a rise in […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | January 27 2016

Globe and Mail Paul Bronfman ‘outraged’ over pro-Palestinian mural at York University Upset by a mural that he finds offensive to Jewish people, Paul Bronfman, a leader in film and TV production, has told the school that his company will no longer help its arts students. Huffington Post Canada Opinion: Resist those who put a […]