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By BRIAN OWENS | February 08 2017

With a limited alumni pool and resources, small- and medium-sized universities leverage personal connections to find donors.

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 07 2017

“I immediately fell in love with how visceral it is and how hard it is, and how it’s really like learning a language.”

By SHAUNA MCGINN | February 06 2017

This is happening just in time for the university’s 50th anniversary in 2017.

By DIANE PETERS | February 01 2017

Much can be done to better support Indigenous students at all levels, she says.

By SHAUNA MCGINN | February 01 2017

Several Canadian universities have had their IT systems taken hostage over the past year.

By ANQI SHEN | January 30 2017

The impact of the executive order is “real, immediate and profound,” says Universities Canada head Paul Davidson.

By ANQI SHEN | January 24 2017

Faculty, students take to typewriters to create poems on demand.

By DIANE PETERS | January 18 2017

Court orders adjunct professor to hand over interviews conducted as part of her PhD research.

By NATALIE SAMSON | January 17 2017

Hundreds of academics and students have registered with

By SHAUNA MCGINN | January 12 2017

After the flags were raised at Calgary’s city hall, a staffer at MRU wondered, “How come we don’t do this?”

By BECKY RYNOR | January 11 2017

Study will follow 50,000 men and women, aged 45 to 85, until 2033.

By SAMANTHA POWER | January 10 2017

Mountains 101 is the U of A’s latest classroom-to-MOOC production.

By ANQI SHEN | January 09 2017

“Don’t Stop” campaign at Royal Roads University taps mature students.

By VÉRONIQUE MORIN | January 06 2017

UQAM’s Jean-Hugues Roy analyzed theses and dissertations from the past 25 years to answer the age-old question: How long should it be?

By CATHERINE COUTURIER | January 03 2017

A Q&A with Thierry Karsenti, Canada Research Chair in technologies in education, on why we should hold off on banning homework.

By VIVIEN FELLEGI | December 22 2016

The University of Toronto Mississauga is hosting a distinguished visitor and students that have huddled around the top dog, tails wagging, are learning a few new tricks. A visit by St. John Ambulance therapy dog Grace is one of the stress-busters organized by the office of student transition during this year’s exams. The golden retriever […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | December 13 2016

A cleaner, greener air conditioner might just be found at the bottom of a snow pile. Researchers at the University of British Columbia Okanagan have analyzed three air conditioning models that use snow as a coolant to discover which one is the most sustainable alternative to the air conditioning units found in most Canadian buildings today. […]

By RYAN ENGLISH | December 13 2016

Ryerson University’s school of journalism recently started offering Queer Media, a course that introduces journalism and news studies students to queer history, and the ethics underpinning the reporting of LGBTQ stories. Instructor Andrea Houston has been teaching the course since September, but has been active in queer journalism since working as a reporter with the […]

By DIANE PETERS | December 06 2016

Multidisciplinary group based at Dalhousie University plans to track subjects into adulthood to see what strategies lead to success.

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | December 05 2016

Candidates have until January 27 to apply.