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By NATALIE SAMSON | March 28 2016

Experts say countering bad press requires “good stories,” champions, experimentation

By NATALIE SAMSON | March 23 2016

Organizations praise funding boosts for campus infrastructure, research and financial aid, but more could be done for indigenous students, some say.


Although it’s a relatively new field of research, results are “encouraging.”

By BECKY RYNOR | March 09 2016

Registrars group signs the Groningen Declaration on behalf of universities and colleges.


University of Waterloo researchers speculate that simply typing more slowly may improve writing.


A Dalhousie PhD student develops a tattoo removal cream.

By JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | March 07 2016

Gary Kobinger is leaving the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg for Université Laval.

By NATALIE SAMSON | March 02 2016

New application options at University of Regina, University of Alberta go beyond “female” and “male.”

By GAIL DUGAS | February 24 2016

“I have always loved the idea of immersing myself in a dissertation. I envied people who were doing their PhDs. I would think ‘Take me with you!” says Tom Howell, co-creator of a radio project inspired by the work of Canadian PhD students. Introducing their audience to students who have spent years thinking about a […]

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 23 2016

Outgoing Ottawa Citizen editor to lead McGill’s Institute for the Study of Canada.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 17 2016

Carleton’s Vicki Boman explains how she helps students who are struggling due to illness or other challenges.

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 17 2016

Dr. Kaspi among 15 top Canadian researchers in science and engineering recognized by NSERC.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 16 2016

Campuses across the country offer late-night writing support.

By NATALIE SAMSON | February 10 2016

The multiple-step process includes the option of applying to Universities Canada.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 10 2016

Western brings research inside a community crisis centre to improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 10 2016

Students can rent out rooms by the night.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 08 2016

Frustrated educators and overcrowded health centres share the need for a new remedy.

By SHARON ASCHAIEK | February 03 2016

The university will be able to produce enough sustainable electricity to completely offset its carbon dioxide emissions.

By MARIE LAMBERT-CHAN | February 02 2016

Held at a convent north of Montreal, students spent hours writing in monastic silence.

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 01 2016

A Q&A with Christine Tausig Ford, who is retiring after more than three decades working on behalf of Canada’s universities.