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By TIM LOUGHEED | December 09 2015

Rebuilding trust and dialogue key themes at recent conference in Ottawa.

By ZACK BRADLEY | December 07 2015

A new student residence under construction on the University of British Columbia campus will be one of the tallest wood buildings in the world. UBC says the 18-storey structure builds on the university’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The eco-friendly structure will stand 53 metres tall and house more than 400 students after its completion, […]

By ZACK BRADLEY | December 02 2015

On the Origin of Species one of several valuable books taken from Mount Saint Vincent University’s library years ago.

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | December 01 2015

Total research spending also lagging that of competitor countries, says latest STIC report.

By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | November 25 2015

Some academics call for changes to Statistics Canada’s independence and data-gathering methods.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | November 25 2015

Two Ryerson profs are documenting the afterlife of the iconic ruin.

By NATALIE SAMSON | November 24 2015

An associate editor at the journal, from U of Alberta, explains what pushed the entire editorial board to quit.

By ASHLEIGH VANHOUTEN | November 20 2015

University Affairs magazine won five gold awards at the 7th annual Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPA) in Toronto on November 19. The magazine’s website won in the blue division, representing business-to-business, trade and association publications. The COPA awards, produced by Masthead (a digital trade magazine for the Canadian magazine industry), have awarded University Affairs every year since its inception. […]

By NATALIE SAMSON | November 17 2015

They and their colleagues are a well-educated bunch: 14 MPs hold PhDs while more than two-thirds have at least a bachelor’s degree.

By ZACK BRADLEY | November 17 2015

Deaf graduate shares her research using innovative online tools.

By NATALIE SAMSON | November 11 2015

To mark its anniversary, the organization launches a timeline of important events in its history.

By BECKY RYNOR | November 11 2015

Recent gathering held in Toronto is part of the UN International Year of Light.

By ZACK BRADLEY | November 10 2015

“Sometimes 10 seconds can be the difference between life and death,” says professor Carlos Ventura.

By TIM LOUGHEED | November 03 2015

Much of this information is being used without our consent or knowledge, say SSHRC grant recipients.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | November 03 2015

“It’s not just for science geeks, it’s for everybody who loves the sky,” says physics professor Howard Trottier.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | November 03 2015

Call it Murphy’s Law of umbrellas: carry one around all day and you’ll never see a drop of rain; forget it at home and you’ll be sure to get soaked. For the weather-weary folks on the University of British Columbia campus, an umbrella-sharing service has come to the rescue. Founded by UBC alumni Amir Entezari […]

By BECKY RYNOR | November 02 2015

The patient is stunned, then furious. “A mistake? You made a mistake?” he thunders, before breaking down in ragged sobs. The surgeon, a urology resident, has just told his patient that the pathology report indicating no evidence of prostate cancer had been misfiled in “Mr. Smith’s” chart. The patient’s actual report, however, shows aggressive prostate […]

By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | October 28 2015

Institutions are working to privately sponsor refugee families and to help bring student refugees here to study.

By KAREN BIRCHARD | October 27 2015

The “It doesn’t Have to Hurt” initiative aims to disseminate evidence-based research quickly through social media.

By SHAWNA WAGMAN | October 21 2015

Nathan Hall opens up about his fabulously popular Twitter persona