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By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 05 2008

We all know that the transition to university or college can be difficult for young adults. It’s often their first substantial time away from home and can be filled with much stress and anxiety. Stan Kutcher, a professor of medicine at Dalhousie University and holder of the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 05 2008

Researcher uses earthquake data to investigate the planet’s interior

By TIM LOUGHEED | August 05 2008

It might have looked like just another academic speaking gig for Sue Horton, complete with a nice trip to Denmark. But when the Wilfrid Laurier University economist proposed some solutions to child malnutrition, she quickly found herself vaulted into international prominence. That’s because the group she was addressing was the Copenhagen Consensus, a highly focused […]

By NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | August 05 2008

Some education groups oppose and others cautiously support legislation to modernize Canada’s copyright law

By ANGELA PEREIRA | August 05 2008

Mount Allison University is partnering with Moncton’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to create an “animal house” residence in which live-in students will provide care for previously homeless dogs, cats and rabbits during the school year. David Rowland, Mount Allison’s dean of students, says the project will allow students to give their […]

By PEGGY BERKOWITZ | August 05 2008

Late last year, the University of British Columbia adopted a statement of principles designed to encourage UBC research innovations to be made available at low cost to poor countries. In May, the statement had its first tangible success, with UBC licensing a a company to commercially develop a drug for the industrialized world, in exchange […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 05 2008

Sooner or later, quality of teaching and research could suffer, says AUCC report.

By PEGGY BERKOWITZ | June 09 2008

But university still faces challenges from the academy

By RHONDA MOORE | June 09 2008

What does the term “second life” mean to you? Perhaps it creates images of online games or the life you’ll have when you retire. For a select group of Canada Research Chair holders who spoke recently at a special panel discussion, “second life” was handy shorthand for the wide range of research they do to […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | June 09 2008

Changes signal the end of university colleges in name, but not spirit

By ANGELA PEREIRA | June 09 2008

A program that helps refugees to start a new life on Canadian campuses hits a milestone this summer. The Student Refugee Program, run by World University Service of Canada, will welcome its 1,000th student this August. The program, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, targets refugees who’ve fled their homeland and sponsors them so […]

By ANGELA PEREIRA | June 09 2008

Students work hard to put out another issue of the McGill Daily this past spring. Photo: Josh Chapman A referendum on the fate of one of Canada’s oldest student newspapers wasn’t even close in the end, but the students who publish the paper said they shouldn’t have had to go to the polls in the […]

By TIM LOUGHEED | June 09 2008

But bill isn’t expected to affect universities that use animals for teaching and research

By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | June 09 2008

International students at University of Toronto take a tour of the downtown. Photo: Dermot Brennan, International Student Centre International students should find it easier to get work permits and jobs and even to become permanent residents after they finish their studies in Canada, thanks to new regulations introduced by the Canadian government in April. The […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | June 09 2008

A convoy of vans track a Prairie storm last summer as part of Dr. Hanesiak’s storm-chaser course. Growing up on the Prairies, John Hanesiak was fascinated by the intense storms that would suddenly blow in on summer afternoons. Now a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Hanesiak has directed that keen […]

By CAITLIN CRAWSHAW | June 09 2008

But a vaccine against infection remains elusive

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | May 10 2008

Ontario’s universities reacted positively to new spending initiatives contained in the provincial budget tabled at the end of March. Among the highlights, the Ontario government will invest $200 million this year for the maintenance and renewal of university facilities, building on earlier investments through the government’s $6.2-billion Reaching Higher plan. The province’s universities appreciate the […]

By CAITLIN CRAWSHAW | April 07 2008

Saturo Nakagawa says his people are “losing our identity.” Photo: Caitlin Crawshaw At a time when indigenous languages are vanishing around the world, a University of Alberta graduate student is working towards preserving the language of his people, the 30,000 inhabitants of the small Japanese island of Tokunoshima. “I want to give something back to […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 07 2008

Participants to this year’s gathering in Vancouver urged to “think beyond borders”

By BALBIR GILL | April 07 2008

Is Dr. James Wilson a McGill man? Rumour and speculation abound since he was first seen sporting a McGill University sweatshirt in season two of the popular medical drama House, which airs on Fox TV in the U.S. and on the Global network in Canada, attracting some 20 million viewers per episode. The show is […]