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By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | June 09 2008

Growing up on the Prairies, John Hanesiak was fascinated by the intense storms that would suddenly blow in on summer afternoons. Now a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Hanesiak has directed that keen interest to his career. His specialty is storm tracking, which has led him to be known as […]

By CAITLIN CRAWSHAW | June 09 2008

But a vaccine against infection remains elusive

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | May 10 2008

Ontario’s universities reacted positively to new spending initiatives contained in the provincial budget tabled at the end of March. Among the highlights, the Ontario government will invest $200 million this year for the maintenance and renewal of university facilities, building on earlier investments through the government’s $6.2-billion Reaching Higher plan. The province’s universities appreciate the […]

By CAITLIN CRAWSHAW | April 07 2008

At a time when indigenous languages are vanishing around the world, a University of Alberta graduate student is working towards preserving the language of his people, the 30,000 inhabitants of the small Japanese island of Tokunoshima. “I want to give something back to my island because we’re losing in a way our identity, who we […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 07 2008

Participants to this year’s gathering in Vancouver urged to “think beyond borders”

By BALBIR GILL | April 07 2008

Is Dr. James Wilson a McGill man? Rumour and speculation abound since he was first seen sporting a McGill University sweatshirt in season two of the popular medical drama House, which airs on Fox TV in the U.S. and on the Global network in Canada, attracting some 20 million viewers per episode. The show is […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 07 2008

There’s never been anything quite like it in Canada: the University of Waterloo is setting aside its smallest student residence to serve as an “ideas incubator” filled with entrepreneurially inclined students. Starting in September, the 72 students picked to live in the university’s Minota Hagey Residence will work together to imagine the future of mobile […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 07 2008

Although the issue was first raised about 10 years ago, Canada has not yet developed a plan to deal with the pharmaceuticals and personal-care products that get flushed down the drain, pass right through municipal wastewater treatment plants, and end up in our rivers and lakes. If that isn’t worrying enough, there is now an […]

By ALLISON LAWLOR | April 07 2008

Atlantic region uses cable network to publicize research successes

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 10 2008

A Texas jury ruled that Canadian educational software firm Desire2Learn infringed on a patent from its large American rival, Blackboard Inc. In its Feb. 22 decision, the jury concluded that Desire2Learn’s software uses technology for which Blackboard received a patent in 2006 and awarded the American company $3.1 million US in lost profits and royalties. […]

By DANIEL DROLET | March 10 2008

Gathering shares research showing even high achievers face problems in first year

By SAMANTHA FEX | March 10 2008

Blending up fast food meals to find their fat content, programming a miniature remote-controlled Mars rover, making digital video programs – these are but a few of the activities that take place in the hundreds of science and technology programs sponsored by the national charity Actua and delivered by its 29 university and college partners. […]

By HANNAH HOAG | March 10 2008

Home is where … we consume a lot of energy. Residential buildings account for nearly 17 percent of energy consumption in Canada, says Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, a mechanical engineering professor at Carleton University. Lights, appliances, heaters and air conditioners produce 80 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Energy is also wasted in the form of heat […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 10 2008

The 1995 film First Knight is not one of Cory Rushton’s all-time favourites, but the Arthurian scholar may be quietly hoping that the film attracts a big audience when it’s re-released this April in Blu-ray high-definition format. That’s because one of the special features of the new package will be a commentary track recorded by […]

By NATHALY DUFOUR | March 10 2008

Université Laval plans to create 100 new research chairs over the next five years, with $100 million in funding from public and private sources. The program, called PAIR (for Programme pour l’avancement de l’innovation et de la recherche) is the most ambitious initiative of its kind ever launched in Quebec, according to Laval’s vice-rector, research, […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 10 2008

Restructured student grants program, international graduate scholarships, slight research boost among budget items

By ALLISON LAWLOR | March 10 2008

Premier Shawn Graham plans to make sweeping changes to New Brunswick’s colleges and universities as part of the province’s most ambitious review of its postsecondary system in 40 years, but he insists that these changes won’t come at the expense of some university campuses. After months of uncertainty, Mr. Graham pledged in his State of […]

By PHILLIP TODD | March 10 2008

Ask Lakehead University students if they’re happy with their school’s one-year-old Google-run e-mail service, and chances are you’ll get a positive response. “I love the new Lakehead gmail e-mail system,” said third-year political-science student Brianne Kirkpatrick. “Since the switch to gmail, I find it has replaced my hotmail as the e-mail of preference,” said David […]

By SHELLEY POMERANCE | March 10 2008

Not long ago, Wanda McKenna, director of workplace health, benefits and pensions at McMaster University, was contacted by a department chair concerned about a colleague. The professor was spending a lot of time sitting in his office with the door closed and lights off. And students were beginning to complain about his teaching. Ms. McKenna […]

By CELIA RUSSELL | February 11 2008

By 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, January 16, more than 700 people had gathered in front of Queen’s University’s Stauffer Library for a faculty-organized rally against racism. The day, time and location of the rally were no coincidence. Exactly eight weeks before, a faculty member on her way to teach a class was forced off a […]