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Dispatches on academic freedom

BY SHANNON DEA | March 13 2020

As universities respond to COVID-19, they must be guided by their core values of social responsibility, accountability and equitable access – all of which support suspending on-campus teaching and learning.

BY SHANNON DEA | January 30 2020

Surprise Alberta court decision released just days into the new year could have a huge impact on universities.

BY SHANNON DEA | October 17 2019

Two recent cases from the U.S. throw into sharp relief just how critical institutional autonomy is for academic freedom.

BY SHANNON DEA | September 03 2019

Academic freedom is not merely a negotiated perk of being a professor, it is a sine qua non of the university’s mission.

BY SHANNON DEA | August 02 2019

Issues around gender identity, and transgender and nonbinary people have become a battleground for academic freedom and freedom of expression on campus.

BY SHANNON DEA | June 07 2019

If no one listens, no ideas are exchanged. And to listen, one must be quiet.

BY SHANNON DEA | May 03 2019

To defend the values at the heart of the university, we must first understand them. Here’s a resource that can help.

BY SHANNON DEA | March 22 2019

A dissection of three talks presented at the recent Harry Crowe conference in Toronto.

BY SHANNON DEA | February 11 2019

Should there be a separate conception of academic freedom for precarious and independent scholars?

BY SHANNON DEA | January 18 2019

Because we most often invoke it when it’s threatened, we tend to focus more on the rights associated with academic freedom than on the reason we have it to begin with.

BY SHANNON DEA | December 14 2018

For reasons of naiveté or worse, the media and the public have been taken in by the view that there is a free speech crisis on campus.

BY SHANNON DEA | November 19 2018

Understanding what academic freedom is ideally meant to do can help us understand its contours, and how to best defend it.

BY SHANNON DEA | October 09 2018

If engaging with the public is indeed part of the job of the professor, then universities ought to protect professors who take up the task.

BY SHANNON DEA | September 05 2018

A better understanding of the mission of universities, and of the role that academic freedom plays within that mission, puts us in a better position to support university scholars and the work that they do.