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From the admin chair

BY MARTHA CRAGO | November 03 2015

A combination of events set me to thinking about “boldness” this summer and early fall. Just before summer started, one of our researchers at Dalhousie University, Jeff Dahn, signed a contract with U.S. electric-car manufacturer Tesla Motors. This led to a visit by Tesla’s vice-president, J.B. Straubel, complete with a bright red Tesla that was […]

BY MARTHA CRAGO | September 09 2015

Ongoing learning will be necessary for all careers, inside and outside academia.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | June 08 2015

Persuasion by donors and industry partners is the kind that causes the most commotion, but there are other kinds, too.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | March 10 2015

These partnerships can open doors and windows in the Ivory Tower.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | January 14 2015

Convergence is in the air.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | November 05 2014

Staying faithful to our principles.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | September 10 2014

This is a shared dilemma.


It’s all about learning.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | March 12 2014

It’s one way for institutions to become sustainable.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | January 15 2014

Mind the gap.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | November 06 2013

Back to the drawing board.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | September 11 2013

“It’s difficult to measure productivity well but that doesn’t mean we can avoid it.”


Grim tales are taking over our story.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | March 13 2013

A plea for collegiality.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | January 09 2013

Change we can (try to) believe in.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | November 07 2012

We need to measure what students learn.

BY MAUREEN MANCUSO | September 10 2012

Why we choose university administration.

BY DOUG OWRAM | June 11 2012

Thirty-six years, but who’s counting.

BY DOUG OWRAM | March 05 2012

What I learned from reading the biography of Steve Jobs.

BY DOUG OWRAM | November 07 2011

A degree is an opportunity, not a guarantee.