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In my opinion

BY JOHN BERGERON | March 26 2020

Research on coronaviruses and their enzymes informs responses to the pandemic.

BY ROBERT FURTADO | March 18 2020

Rather than dismissing the loneliness of online learning as inevitable, we need to work collectively across academia to continually improve student experiences for everyone.

BY XUEQING ZHANG | March 11 2020

These students are using what I call a “silent strategy” to build reputation, but this can backfire, leading to negative interpretations.

BY JOE SPARLING | March 09 2020

If you’re a postdoctoral fellow funded by the institution where you work, you’re an employee, full stop.

BY MEHRDAD HARIRI | February 24 2020

The tremendous talent that perished on that ill-fated airplane is difficult to imagine.

BY MICHAEL MINDZAK | February 17 2020

As AI-facilitated algorithmic writing improves, it poses tricky questions about authorship and what constitutes an “original” paper or assignment.


Taking an online course may be convenient, but as a fulfilling learning experience it fails us in several ways.

BY JOE HENRY | February 03 2020

As universities ramp up supports for students, those who aren’t in school face uneven access to care.

BY BENJAMIN MILLER | January 28 2020

In deciding what constitutes a campus club, student unions are called upon to set limits on shared resources while still respecting the procedural rights of all.

BY CHERYL FOY | January 17 2020

As we try to make sense of the senseless, we should derive comfort from the fact that universities are much-needed instruments of cultural and social connection.

BY SARAH ELAINE EATON | January 16 2020

Violations of academic integrity show Canada is not immune to academic misconduct — and more research is needed to effectively ensure academic quality.

BY ROBERT DANISCH | January 13 2020

For me, podcasting is a way to continue the conversation with my students and bring my research to unexpected new audiences.

BY JEFFREY HENNESSY | January 06 2020

This “collective unconscious” of a department, faculty or university is what makes it unique.

BY DENIS CLARK | December 16 2019

As the U.K. proceeds with Brexit, Canada will likely prioritize collaboration with EU-based researchers over those in the U.K.

BY DAVID PORTER | December 09 2019

Collaboration distributes resources among academic institutions, creating conditions for partnerships, sharing and attention to diverse needs.

BY MARY RYKOV | November 21 2019

Within academia, the professional editor is considered to be an outside, unknown and potentially dangerous entity.

BY KARL MOORE | November 15 2019

As long as you comment on areas that lie within your area of expertise, you provide a needed antidote to some of the foolishness out there.


Our emphasis on boutique funding programs, rather than open discovery science, hampers our prospects.


Finances, academic performance and a sense of belonging may all be factors in whether or students finish their post-secondary studies.

BY MARC SPOONER | October 22 2019

Tying a significant portion of funding to any specific set of metrics places undue pressure on universities, and impinges on their traditional mission and collegial autonomy.