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By CHRIS BARKER | April 01 2015

Reverence isn’t what liberal arts students most need. To start with, they need to learn how to use facts and think independently.

By ALYSSIA FOGARTY | March 25 2015

There’s a price to pay to attend university; there’s another to pay to succeed once we’re in.

By JONATHAN SILIN | March 13 2015

Owning the ambition to reach non-specialist readers is the first step in making it happen.

By PHILIP G. HULTIN | March 03 2015

A response to Peter MacKinnon’s excerpt on university governance and collective bargaining.

By EDWARD DUTTON | February 23 2015

A theory of the ‘clever sillies’.

By BENJAMIN MILLER | February 18 2015

Is your university making full use of its campus radio?

By LOUIS MAHEU & ROBERT LACROIX | February 18 2015

Recent international rankings of universities seem to show that Canada’s major universities are slipping. But looking closer, we’re in fact not doing badly.

By ROSS FINNIE + ALLAN ROCK | February 09 2015

Students deserve to have reliable information when making choices about what to study.


It involves more than recruiting international students to solve domestic economic concerns.

By DOUGLAS H. PARKER | January 20 2015

Teaching about what we know feels less risky than putting our ideas ‘out there’ for criticism.

By KRISTA PEARSON | January 07 2015

University leaders require support to deliver antiracist education.

By DAN HARVEY + IMRE SZEMAN | December 17 2014

Entrepreneurship and innovation, while important and necessary, remain insufficient educational goals for Canada’s universities.

By BRETT FAIRBAIRN | December 03 2014

How to thrive in a time of limited financial resources.

By VINCENT LARIVIÈRE | November 19 2014

By encouraging researchers to publish in international journals, we may be steering their work in the wrong direction.

By MICHAEL BAIRD | November 12 2014

The root of the problem is that too much government funding is going to those who don’t teach.

By GARY BARRON | November 12 2014

When it comes to public talk of rankings, it’s a matter of playing at games to gain reputation and engage in advocacy.

By ADAM CHAPNICK | November 05 2014

In the humanities, the student audience is the scholar’s largest and most important.


Why special collections can be transformative to the student.

By DAVID CRANE | October 15 2014

A new form of collaboration is evident in applied research institutes in Ontario.