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By JOHN OSBORNE | September 10 2014

Part two of John Osborne’s response to Tim Pettipiece’s article on sessionals.

By JOHN OSBORNE | September 04 2014

The dean of Carleton University’s faculty of arts and social sciences department responds to Tim Pettipiece’s article on sessionals.

By TIM PETTIPIECE | September 03 2014

A shift in the way academics are hired has created a long, lost generation.

By BRENT EPPERSON | August 20 2014

The move towards corporate governance threatens creative thinking at the time we need it most.


If you want to reach all your students, read this.

By SHARI GRAYDON | July 23 2014

If you think your research is worthy of attention, are you doing all you can to make sure it has the best opportunity to make a difference?

By GAVIN MOODIE | June 25 2014

Reforms probably won’t be as sweeping as the coalition conservative government would like.

By JANICE ALLEN | June 11 2014

Grad-student parents need better institutional support.

By ERIC HEHNER | May 21 2014

The referee system needs to be changed, and the solution is simple.


The city-university link is critical to the restructuring of higher education institutions.

By MARC SPOONER | April 30 2014

How the ‘audit culture’ is ruining the academy and harming society in the process.

By RYAN J. MAILLOUX | April 23 2014

Publish in Nature or perish.

By EARLE F. ZEIGLER | April 23 2014

A former coach pleads for Canadian universities to retain their much better model of inter-collegiate sport.

By RICHARD PRICE | April 16 2014

Athletics connect universities with their communities and fosters healthier, better educated citizens.

By DAVID K. FOOT | April 09 2014

“This enrolment boom is now over. We knew this would happen.”

By THOMAS KLASSEN | April 02 2014

Their grades are mediocre, so it’s tough to promote themselves to employers and grad schools.

By TODD PETTIGREW | March 26 2014

Time is up for varsity sports.

By IAN D. CLARK + KEN NORRIE | March 19 2014

An excerpt from Making Policy in Turbulent Times: Challenges and Prospects for Higher Education.

By PAUL ADAMS | March 12 2014

It’s difficult to say with any certainty what’s happening on campuses in terms of sexual assault.

By EMMETT MACFARLANE | March 12 2014

Be prepared to take some flak.