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By PIERRE JASMIN + ADELE BUCKLEY | September 18 2013

Please get involved in working for the abolition of nuclear arms.

By GLENN MOULAISON | September 18 2013

Let this generation be … they will figure it out, as we did

By ROGER GRAVES | September 11 2013

What to do about it.

By MARK MERCER | September 09 2013

Thoughts on punishing students who chant an ode to rape at orientation.

By STEVEN DAVIS | September 04 2013

Canada should bolster Africa’s universities, not drain their best students.

By GAVIN MOODIE | September 04 2013

Why HEQCO’s new report doesn’t go far enough.

By GEORGE YE | August 21 2013

In pursuing Chinese students, Canadian universities could take actions to encourage China to develop in a more open, democratic way.

By STEPHANIE HOBBIS | August 14 2013

Both foreign students – and their teachers – need support if the goals of an international campus are going to be met.


ESL students and the erosion of higher education.

By ANDREW M. BOGGS | July 24 2013

Montreal, Toronto punch above their weight in providing value to international students.

By SULAIMON GIWA | July 17 2013

Why racialized scholars need to lead the way.

By BONNIE STEWART | July 10 2013

Understanding MOOCs as a battle between marketization and traditional higher education blocks us from envisioning other viable futures for higher education.

By DANIEL ROBINSON | July 03 2013

SSHRC’s peer-review system is protracted, opaque and unaccountable.

By DIANA WARWICK | July 03 2013

Universities’ international agenda, much broader than in the past, needs to involve many kinds of university staff.

By TED HEWITT | June 19 2013

Which graduates are really in short supply?

By MARTHA RADICE | May 31 2013

Making us proud to be part of academia.

By ALEX USHER | May 22 2013

What 2013 provincial budgets mean for the higher education sector.

By STEPHEN DAZE | May 22 2013

Canadian universities get a near-failing grade for the way they support campus entrepreneurs.

By ALLAN ROCK | May 09 2013

Allan Rock, President of the University of Ottawa, decimates the argument that universities are “out of touch” and not producing graduates for “real jobs”.

By GLENN MOULAISON | May 08 2013

From one of your biggest supporters.