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By DAVID J. CURRIE | December 07 2009

Concentrating research funding in the largest institutions may not be the most productive model for Canadian research

By PATRICK J. J. PHILLIPS | October 05 2009

Another forecast of changes coming to university education

By MEHRDAD HARIRI + JEFF SHAROM | September 08 2009

National conference in October is a first step to making this a reality

By YVES GINGRAS | August 04 2009

This generous but ill-conceived program distorts the logic of graduate-school funding

By ANTHONY GURR | June 08 2009

It’s not enough to teach about teaching technologies – use them!

By TIMOTHY CAULFIELD | April 06 2009

A new emphasis in science on the study of genetic variation is raising old issues of race


How to end your course in a way that students will remember

By LEON TRAKMAN | February 09 2009

Canadian universities could benefit if they boost efforts to recruit
international students, who want quality for fair cost

By BRETT ZIMMERMAN | February 09 2009

Boy, do I feel silly recalling how, in the autumn of 2000, I assured my students at York University that there wouldn’t be a strike. “We don’t have the guts to go out. We always have a positive strike vote then cave in at the eleventh hour and accept whatever York’s negotiators offer us. My […]

By PAUL AXELROD | February 09 2009

Universities’ heavy dependence on part-time faculty merits serious attention, but the union’s proposed solution would be unacceptable to every university in Canada

By YVES GINGRAS | January 12 2009

The director of communications at Lakehead University recently wrote, in this column, that it is time that academics realize that we live in a marketplace and thus have to “brand” our universities to sell our “products” to potential “buyers” – the students. She told us how, in much less time than expected, she transformed the […]

By BRETT ZIMMERMAN | December 01 2008

If the fate of university scholars is based on the old adage of “publish or perish,” then it’s a wonder that so many who haven’t published haven’t perished. Perhaps that exhortation applies mostly to assistant professors who run the risk of losing their full-time status if they don’t perform adequately in that arena (thank goodness […]

By ADAM CHAPNICK | November 03 2008

Professor uses plagiarism detection software to find troubles at the draft stage

By JEFF ROBERTS | September 08 2008

Students expect more Internet access than ever, and universities need to involve everyone in deciding how to provide it

By ELEANOR S. ABAYA | August 05 2008

As a first-generation immigrant living in Toronto from the mid-1970s to 2002, I had never heard of Lakehead University. In fact, I first heard of Lakehead University when I applied for the position of director of communications in November 2002. Once hired, I was excited when my proposal to launch an institutional visual identity program […]

By SUSAN DRAIN | June 09 2008

A writing studies professor offers a spirited reply to a rhetorical question from an associate dean of graduate studies

By SUNNY MARCHE | March 10 2008

We all do, of course. But when it comes to teaching effective writing, we talk a better game than we play

By DAVID N. HARPP | February 11 2008

We should provide whatever assistance we can to empower students, including recorded lectures

By BRETT ZIMMERMAN | January 07 2008

It’s that time of year again when students prepare to fill out their course evaluations. No matter how confident I’ve become with my teaching, the drill remains a source of consternation. Like death and taxes, the evaluation exercise is something instructors cannot avoid, certainly not at any university whose administrators believe in accountability. We’ve all […]

By JACOB BERKOWITZ | December 03 2007

Science’s demand to scientists to cut the jargon was a shot heard around the world, and long overdue. Now let’s talk about story telling