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In my opinion

BY SUNNY MARCHE | March 10 2008

We all do, of course. But when it comes to teaching effective writing, we talk a better game than we play

BY DAVID N. HARPP | February 11 2008

We should provide whatever assistance we can to empower students, including recorded lectures

BY BRETT ZIMMERMAN | January 07 2008

It’s that time of year again when students prepare to fill out their course evaluations. No matter how confident I’ve become with my teaching, the drill remains a source of consternation. Like death and taxes, the evaluation exercise is something instructors cannot avoid, certainly not at any university whose administrators believe in accountability. We’ve all […]

BY JACOB BERKOWITZ | December 03 2007

Science’s demand to scientists to cut the jargon was a shot heard around the world, and long overdue. Now let’s talk about story telling

BY ALAN SLAVIN | September 10 2007

Elementary and high schools spend so much time on the content-laden curriculum that students are unprepared for the analytic and conceptual thinking they’ll need at university

BY JULIAN BENEDICT | August 07 2007

We have all heard calls from many quarters for meaningful and innovative reform of our postsecondary education system. Surviving in a global marketplace means ensuring young people have the education they need to compete. But have we forgotten the student loan system that is supposed to support our learning infrastructure in Canada? The Canada Student […]

BY ANDREW PARK | February 11 2007

Despite our best efforts to help struggling students, there are some who really shouldn’t be there in the first place

BY SHIRLEY KATZ | December 01 2000

A look at the sexual harassment policies at Canadian universities.