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In my opinion

BY DIANE BARBARIČ | April 09 2019

The recent budget announcement means Canadian students won’t be left behind when it comes to studying abroad.


Skills of well-being have been forgotten partly due to a combination of educational reforms and societal pressures.

BY PETER FARRUGIA | March 28 2019

The introduction of a financial transactions tax would generate billions in revenue that postsecondary institutions desperately need.

BY JOHN-TYLER BINFET | March 21 2019

The B.A.R.K. program – Building Academic Retention through K9s – creates opportunities for students and community members to spend time with therapy dogs.

BY DANIEL HARRIS | March 19 2019

By changing the way we discuss scholarly work, we will not only improve scholarship but also reduce the unnecessary hostility rampant in academia.

BY WENDY CARR & BLYE FRANK | March 13 2019

Faculties of education have a role to play in ensuring that teachers can identify and respond to students’ mental health challenges.

BY PATRICK DEANE | February 22 2019

The Magna Charta Universitatum is being used across the world to shape, guide and defend university values.

BY EDMUND ADAM | February 14 2019

Linking universities to the UN’s sustainable development goals will draw greater scrutiny to higher education, for better or worse.

BY FLORENCE ASHLEY | February 08 2019

The authors of the fake “grievance studies” papers would have made a stronger point if they’d gone through an institutional review board.

BY VESELIN JUNGIC | February 04 2019

Looking around, it seemed obvious to me that I was the only one who didn’t understand what was going on.

BY LIETTE VASSEUR | January 28 2019

A new UNESCO recommendation sets guidelines regarding the working conditions of researchers and the environment required for science to be conducted in an ethical manner.


Instead of relying on outside consultants, the leadership at Université de Sherbrooke took matters into their own hands.

BY NORMAND LABRIE | January 09 2019

The Université de l’Ontario français is the culmination of a long struggle on the part of the province’s francophone community.

BY CATHARINE MUNN | January 07 2019

The answer lies with students themselves – if we really listen.

BY SHARI GRAYDON | January 07 2019

Criticizing your colleagues for “dumbing it down” does a disservice to knowledge translation – and imperils the planet.

BY EVA POMEROY | December 27 2018

Learning in community is linked to better academic performance and gains in skill, competence and knowledge as well as overall satisfaction with university experience.

BY RIMA WILKES & HOWARD RAMOS | December 07 2018

They’re a waste of time, with little evidence they make a difference in decision-making.

BY KATHLEEN BORTOLIN | November 29 2018

Why does the scholarship of teaching and learning remain a hard sell to faculty?

BY TINA GRUOSSO | November 28 2018

Life experience is a transferrable skill.

BY SAUL CARLINER | November 27 2018

What is the purpose of an internship, and how does it differ from basic schooling?