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By ERIN CLOW | November 16 2016

I have the spent the days since the U.S. election wading through a complex series of emotions. I was numb, angry and confused. I didn’t understand and didn’t want to believe that the politics of fear and hatred had prevailed. Almost simultaneously however, I began to feel a new strength and resolve emerging, one that […]

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 14 2016

President-elect Donald Trump – I never imagined I would be writing those words. I would think that most of Canada’s academics, aside from the odd misanthrope, share my concern at the prospect of such a dangerous and temperamentally unfit individual in the White House. Within hours of Mr. Trump’s surprise win, higher-education journalists in the […]

By JESSICA RIDDELL | November 11 2016

Do not despair: A letter to my students.

By LEO GROARKE | November 07 2016

Every decade has its trend, and in the university sector “differentiation” seems to define the current one. It’s difficult to take issue with the basic idea: different institutions should focus on their different strengths. But, this notion has encouraged some implausible conclusions that warrant better scrutiny. One of them is the notion that research (and […]

By ROD MISSAGHIAN | October 27 2016

The social science traditions in Canada are strong, but it might be time to consider new interdisciplinary approaches.


In our work as university advisors within the University of British Columbia’s enrolment services unit, we often feel as though we are coaching students through increasingly competitive requirements. The standards to get into university, make it through midterms, or apply to the program a student desires can seem unforgiving. Our students are making what seem […]

By GEORGE VELETSIANOS | October 11 2016

The ways that digital education is organized, enacted and designed is undergoing significant change.

By ANDREW MOORE | October 04 2016

A good education is not simply job training.

By PATRICK DONAHOE | September 27 2016

Savvy students understand that learning happens in multiple venues beyond the classroom.

By EVE SEGUIN | September 19 2016

For Professor Caroline Patsias at Université du Québec à Montréal, once a professor at Université de Sherbrooke. If you’re a university professor, chances are fairly good that you have initiated or participated in mobbing. Why? First, because mobbers are not sadists or sociopaths, but ordinary people; second, because universities are a type of organization that […]

By JOANNA ASHWORTH | September 13 2016

The gold standard for assignments would engage the student in learning while also contributing to the social good.

By MEREDITH DAULT | September 01 2016

We’re building a database of qualified women to help the media find them.

By JEROME ST-AMAND | August 30 2016

Many job postings in the field of education across the country do not require a minimum number of years working in schools.

By SUE SORENSEN | August 17 2016

As a student, I was pleased to be part of a school where we at least allegedly strived to serve each other and society.

By PAUL KEEN | July 28 2016

At the back of every conference organizer’s mind lurks the fear that sometimes you build it and they don’t come. That did not turn out to be a problem at the Future of the PhD in the Humanities conference held at Carleton University in May. Students, faculty and administrators came in droves from across the […]


The push-back was strong when we sought to increase the diversity of teachers through a modified admissions policy in our education degree program.


Let’s save the hype for what helps families now: evidence-based social and community support.

By DOUGLAS MORRIS ET AL | June 06 2016

Anomalies in Discovery Grant evaluations require immediate attention, say researchers.

By KAREEM EL-ASSAL | May 24 2016

If we don’t move quickly, Canada risks seeing many of these young, bright minds take their talents elsewhere.

By PAUL YACHNIN | May 17 2016

With information collected on 2,400 PhD graduates, we can begin to see what humanities programs contribute to the academy and beyond.