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We have the necessary means if we re-allocate it to those truly in need.

By PAUL KEEN | February 17 2016

Conference at Carleton U in May follows up on inaugural McGill gathering last year.

By HELEN MURPHY | February 12 2016

Sometimes getting the right people in the room makes all the difference. That was the idea behind a roundtable on Feb. 11 at the Canadian Embassy in Washington. Universities Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation co-convened the meeting of research agency leaders from Canada, the U.S. and Europe to talk about ramping up international […]

By ANNETTE HENRY | February 09 2016

Universities often ignore a varied and rich Black intellectual tradition.

By TED HEWITT | January 25 2016

Partnership with indigenous scholars and their communities is a key part of moving forward, says SSHRC president.

By BRIAN MCILROY | January 20 2016

My department has been successful at striving for equal overall gender representation, but we remain primarily Caucasian.


The copyists range from a Grade 4 English teacher to an academic at a highly regarded university.

By KYLE SILER | January 05 2016

Costs and benefits of cuts must be weighed accordingly.

By PAUL AXELROD | December 09 2015

There are ways to have technology serve the teacher’s goals.

By PHIL OCTETES | December 01 2015

As a lifelong liberal (please note the lower case “l” – this is not a partisan polemic), I thought I would never have cause to say this: Margaret Thatcher was right. I disagreed with almost all of her policies when she was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and in 1988 I was quite concerned […]

By DAVID SMITH | October 21 2015

Affordable high-quality animations may mark the death of stodgy PowerPoint presentations.

By THOMAS KLASSEN | October 14 2015

Despite some concerns, a liberal arts degree is still the best preparation for a rewarding career.

By BRUCE A. HEYMAN | October 06 2015

Abraham Lincoln said the best way to predict your future is to create it. I have found this creative spirit ingrained in the people I meet every day across our great shared continent. Canadians and Americans believe that we, as individuals and as a community, have the ability and the obligation to leave things better […]

By KELLY MCSHANE | September 23 2015

I work in an interdisciplinary way, but I find that I am still sitting on the fence.

By PIERRE-ALEXANDRE BOLDUC | September 16 2015

Exchange students often find coming home the toughest part.

By JULIE CAFLEY | September 08 2015

Stories of six unfinished mandates raise concerns about governance.

By LORNE CARMICHAEL | September 01 2015

To know why fewer women choose math and science, you need to know the principle of occupational choice.

By ANDREW A. WHITE | August 24 2015

Last week, University Affairs published an opinion piece titled “Why archaeology needs a divorce from anthropology” that garnered plenty of discussion and commentary from across the disciplines and throughout North America. Andrew A. White, an assistant research professor in the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of South Carolina was moved to […]

By PHIL OCTETES | August 18 2015

Ending the relationship might allow both partners finally to develop and grow.

By ROSEANN O’REILLY RUNTE | August 12 2015

Universities must work together to achieve this goal.