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Margin Notes

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 17 2012

Anecdotal reports find them stressed, but a survey says they’re satisfied with their studies.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 11 2012

Satisfaction is high, pay is good, and the work hours not so bad, a new study finds.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 30 2012

A study finds they do it – a lot – but believe that professors don’t notice.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 23 2012

Will they allow students to fail or arrange for them to make up their classes some other way?

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 15 2012

In Canada, the distinctions between the two are not straightforward.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 07 2012

Harvey Weingarten of HEQCO shares his lessons learned over 30 years in higher education.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 29 2012

The entire model of restricted-access knowledge dissemination through journal publishing needs to change.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 22 2012

Curriculum would be devised through a collaborative effort of participating institutions.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 14 2012

Summit held in Washington, D.C., at end of January continues to cause a stir.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 06 2012

U.S. academics decry loss of political engagement on campus.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 01 2012

Less reliance on intellectual property and more emphasis on other metrics is needed, says law prof.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | January 24 2012

Why not try a series of foundational university courses delivered to thousands of students at a time?

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | January 13 2012

ULaval nude calendar girls, most notably, raise questions of female empowerment vs. objectification.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | January 04 2012

Biography of Samuel de Champlain by David Hackett Fischer a favourite among university leaders.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | December 08 2011

But PhDs grads are getting the jobs and earning more, aren’t they?

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 30 2011

We’re not preparing grads adequately for careers outside academia.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 22 2011

A few observations from the Canadian Science Policy Conference held last week in Ottawa.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 16 2011

Our dependence on them is not matched by the amount we pay.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 10 2011

Taglines are always interesting – a sort of Rorschach test for institutions’ identities.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 02 2011

A new book is just one of several upcoming examinations of university leaders.