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Institutional mobility is key for women to move up in the academic leadership and prestige ladders.

BY CRESO SÁ | OCT 08 2021

We need to put aside our preconceived notions about how universities should be run, to better assess where we need to make improvements.

BY CRESO SÁ | JUN 14 2021

As it was not tasked with offering recommendations, the report’s conclusions are understandably generic and understated.

BY CRESO SÁ | APR 09 2021

Virtual formats can’t replace face-to-face interactions, but will entrepreneurship programs use the past year to be, in true entrepreneurial fashion, innovative?

BY CRESO SÁ | FEB 01 2021

As the 2021 federal budget looms, the time of “made-in-Canada Silicon Valleys” has passed.

BY CRESO SÁ | SEP 22 2020

A closer look at the four recommendations from Ontario’s expert panel on intellectual property, created to assess the commercialization activities of higher-education institutions.

BY CRESO SÁ | JUN 05 2020

COVID-19 has caused the academic community to be very reactionary, but research is fundamentally a long-term process.

BY CRESO SÁ | APR 17 2020

Major crises provide windows of opportunity for change.

BY CRESO SÁ | MAR 02 2020

Despite a widespread media narrative claiming students would be flocking to Canada, universities did not see a “Trump bump.”


More funds for science in recent decades has meant more political pressure on research councils to showcase impact and demonstrate relevance.

BY CRESO SÁ | DEC 06 2019

The Liberals claim that “science is at the centre of everything the government does” – yet all we have seen and heard are symbolic gestures and feel-good rhetoric.

BY CRESO SÁ | OCT 21 2019

Clusters are often described as prioritizing interdisciplinary collaboration, but that comes with its own unique set of challenges.

BY CRESO SÁ | SEP 12 2019

The poor rate of innovation among Canadian firms relates to factors well beyond the scope of research partnerships.

BY CRESO SÁ | JUL 08 2019

In the long run, the status of the report as a relevant source for policy debate and advocacy hinges on which party wins the October federal election.

BY CRESO SÁ | MAY 14 2019

A new panel created in the 2019 Ontario budget will have the mundane task of clarifying the relationship between science and innovation.

BY CRESO SÁ | MAR 14 2019

The way HEQCO chose to communicate the results of its recent Skills Assessment Pilot Studies is a perfect example of cargo cult policy research.

BY CRESO SÁ | JAN 25 2019

With a federal election looming later this year, here are a few suggestions to bolster science, skills and innovation.

BY CRESO SÁ | DEC 17 2018

They might have been able to better back their initial position by problem solving with the budding francophone university in face of budget constraints.

BY CRESO SÁ | NOV 16 2018

The different interests and needs of each jurisdiction mean there is a range of funding schemes with disparate aims, formats and objectives.

BY CRESO SÁ | OCT 12 2018

There are fundamental questions that we should be considering about the role and format of science advice in this country.

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