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The Black Hole

BY BETH | May 13 2011

I’m at the Northern Voice blogging conference today. I usually attend this conference as a personal blogger, but today I’m also going to be sitting on a panel of science bloggers, representing The Black Hole: The Naked Truth: Canadian Science Blogging Scene Panelists: Rosie Redfield ( Beth Snow ( Eric Michael Johnson ( Maryse de […]

BY BETH | May 11 2011

A while back I posted a link to Retraction Watch, a website that reports on research papers being retracted (e.g., due to the science contained within them being fraudulent). Well, yesterday an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) tackled this topic – specifically, they called for “new mechanisms to ensure academic integrity.” As […]

BY DAVID KENT | May 05 2011

An interesting development for those interested in getting more involved in the science policy world…  CIHR and Health Canada have joined forces to offer fellowships in science policy The Science Policy Fellowships program will allow researchers at the doctoral, post-doctoral, new investigator and mid-senior investigator levels to carry out short-term policy assignments at Health Canada. […]

BY DAVID KENT | May 01 2011

The Canadian Cancer Society is the largest charitable funder of cancer research in Canada and they have undertaken a rather substantial redesign of their funding programs.  Late last week, I received a draft version of the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute’s (CCSRI) new IMPACT and INNOVATION grants programs.  In it, the CCSRI details the specific move away […]

BY DAVID KENT | April 26 2011

Last week, the Easter bunny dropped a sadistically timed present with a Nature special on The Future of the PhD.  Just when hordes of students graduate and many trainees leave to take time off with families for Easter, Nature launches a series of career-contemplating articles that will send many prospective, current and recent PhD students into […]

BY VANSCI | April 25 2011

Following a very popular article by Sonja B. (To MD or PhD: That is the Question), we were asked if we would be interested in having a similar article from someone choosing whether or not to become a postdoctoral fellow. What makes this particular author of interest is that she is not being forced out […]

BY DAVID KENT | April 17 2011

Quick Hits: During election season, I thought it important to encourage all of our readers to get out and vote, especially those from the 18-24 age group.  Even if you feel frustrated with the current lot of parties and MPs, it is important to remind them that you are out there.  As inspiration, university “vote […]

BY BETH | April 09 2011

I was out for dinner the other day with a friend and colleague of mine who I hadn’t seen in awhile, catching up on the goings in each other’s lives. Two big things had happened in her life recently – she’d gotten married and she’d changed jobs. What makes this relevant here on The Black […]

BY DAVID KENT | April 03 2011

This quarter, both Beth and Dave have made efforts to bring the Black Hole out of e-space and into the new territory.  Firstly, a panel organised by science blogger Maryse de la Giroday at will feature Beth at Northern Voice 2011 on May 13 and 14.  Secondly, though it was recorded (and probably aired) […]

BY DAVID KENT | March 26 2011

I was sitting down with a group of scientists following a football/soccer game the other day and dropped a bomb into the conversation by asking if people thought cancer research got too much money.  Nobody, myself included, disputed the obvious need for funding cancer research as a leading cause of death, but what we did […]

BY BETH | March 07 2011

This site was recently brought to my attention: It’s a site that reports on research papers being retracted (e.g., due to the science contained within them being fraudulent). I thought that in light of our discussions on here about the use of number of publications as the main measure of academic “success,” it might […]

BY DAVID KENT | February 21 2011

Last year, one of the hottest topics on the site was Budget 2010 and the new rules regarding postdoctoral fellowships. Those entries are still among the most popular: (latest post) 2012 Taxes for Postdocs: Dredging up the Past 2010 Canadian Taxes: Did you get your T2202 and T4a? Budget 2010: Post Docs, be careful what you […]

BY BETH | February 20 2011

This blog posting is something a little different than our usual blog fare here on The Black Hole, but something I thought might be of interest to our readers: a chance to publish your dissertation – in haiku form! A friend of mine recently told me about this blog, a place where you can submit a […]

BY BETH | February 17 2011

The course that I currently teach at a local college is being set up as open source. It draws on material that is available through open sources, uses an open source textbook, and will be freely available as open source content ((not sure the details of when and where and how, but that is the […]

BY DAVID KENT | February 07 2011

Quick Hit: Paul Krzyzanowski, another post doctoral fellow who writes for the Stem Cell Network blog just posted The underused academic in which he discusses funding levels of Canadian postdoctoral fellows and the balance of funding International imports vs. Canadian exports. New Metrics for Assessing Scientists: Let’s Accessorize (see also: New Metrics for Assessing Scientists: […]

BY BETH | January 29 2011

About a year ago, I blogged at the CIHR Science to Business program – a funding mechanism “designed to encourage individuals with PhDs in a health related field to pursue an MBA.” Well, being one of those people with a PhD in a health related field who is in a career involved in translating knowledge […]

BY DAVID KENT | January 18 2011

I just had a pair of new students start under my supervision in the lab and I decided to try something new.  Along with the standard “who’s who in the lab” and “here are a few good reviews and papers to get you started”, I passed along two things that I think are simply wonderful […]

BY BETH | January 13 2011

The other day, this article from Live Science was brought to our attention: “Republicans Call for Public Scrutiny of NSF grants” From the article: Republican Majority Leader-Elect Eric Cantor (R-VA) is asking citizens to choose their own cuts to federal spending — and he’s started with the National Science Foundation. On his website, Cantor is […]

BY MARIANNE | January 06 2011

I have had the unique opportunity to make this decision, recently.  After nearly seven years of postdoctoral experience, I was ready for my first ‘real job’.  By ready, I mean I had already been seeking that job for nearly 3 years. I can tell you from personal experience that the job market in Canada has […]

BY DAVID KENT | January 02 2011

Happy 2011 everyone – we hope you’ve all enjoyed 2010 and are looking forward to engaging you on many new (and old) issues in the coming year.  It’s been a great quarter for us with increased traffic despite a slightly lower number of posts.  Dave has signed up for twitter @scienceadvocacy and we hope that […]