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The Black Hole

BY JONATHAN THON | May 02 2019

Most founders in STEM are not interested in being rich – they want to achieve a paradigm change in their field.

BY DAVID KENT | April 11 2019

Two of the most useful and underrated things in the world of academic science are support and trust. Both can make such a huge difference at key moments of one’s career, and parental leave should be no exception.

BY JONATHAN THON | March 21 2019

While our existing scientific publication system has limited value in this world, the scholarly peer review process is more important than ever.

BY DAVID KENT | March 15 2019

These are just a few of the ways that men and women can help to balance the gender scales in academic science.

BY JONATHAN THON | March 07 2019

A more seasoned person can help shepherd the startup over those early bumps in the road, and can serve as a ‘voice of reason’ for the company.

BY DAVID KENT | February 20 2019

As Dave starts his second parental leave, we look back at what the Black Hole has been writing about for the last six months.

BY JONATHAN THON | February 05 2019

What young CEOs lack in experience, they appear to make up for in risk tolerance and ability to facilitate development and growth.

BY DAVID KENT | January 28 2019

The reality for many externally-funded research group leaders is that we will leave the institution that gave us our start.

BY JONATHAN THON | January 16 2019

Is age a proxy for success when launching a biopharma startup?

BY DAVID KENT | January 09 2019

Some practical and achievable ways that every male scientist can help balance the gender scales in 2019.

BY BRIANNE KENT | December 12 2018

Postdocs play an important role in the scientific enterprise and yet they often seem to slip through the cracks.

BY DAVID KENT | November 30 2018

These relatively recent initiatives deserve recognition for helping the scientific community.

BY JONATHAN THON | November 22 2018

If universities are interested in incentivizing translational research, the economics for scientists needs to change.

BY DAVID KENT | November 07 2018

By committing to this exercise, we might better understand why and how some grants get funded despite fatal flaws.

BY JONATHAN THON | October 24 2018

Startup culture is blurring the lines between universities as knowledge creators and companies as knowledge translators.

BY DAVID KENT | October 17 2018

Contrary to current thinking in Canadian circles, David Kent says it is absolutely essential to tie the program to funding.

BY JONATHAN THON | October 02 2018

While anything can be funded, scientific research teams often need to demonstrate a realistic path to a financial return on investment to get funded.

BY DAVID KENT | September 21 2018

The current academic career structure rewards short-term deliverables rather than high-risk, high-reward research.

BY JONATHAN THON | September 07 2018

How the Bayh-Dole Act succeeded in kickstarting an explosion of technological innovation.

BY DAVID KENT | August 31 2018

The culture of scientific research desperately needs a makeover. Enter the eLife Ambassador program.