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The Black Hole

BY DAVID KENT | November 08 2009

*** First two quick hits… The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars just released a position paper that covers many issues that will be brought up on this blog in one form or another. Please read it, use it, and offer feedback to the CAPS folks (heck, maybe even join there committees!) The first annual Canadian […]

BY DAVID KENT | November 02 2009

Canary in the Coal Mine #1 This past year, I came across a set of statistics that made me cringe. They underscore a dramatic shift in the human resources in academia, specifically in the medical sciences. 2006 median length of PhD = 7.9 years Average age at which a PhD is obtained = 32.7 (31.3 […]

BY BETH | November 01 2009

Science is integral to many, many of the decisions we make every day.  But where do people get the scientific information on which they base their decisions? The current H1N1 vaccine campaign is a good illustration of this.  It seems you can’t turn on the television or read a news website (or even a Facebook […]

BY DAVID KENT | October 28 2009

Scholarships, Fellowships and Taxes – what are the rules?

BY BETH | October 16 2009

Like Dave, I spent 5+ years completing a PhD at UBC. In fact, I’m one of the “very bright and motivated people who first sat down [with Dave] at a bar about 4 years ago and posed the question “What’s wrong with the science enterprise?”“, who he mentioned in his intro posting. (So modest of […]

BY DAVID KENT | August 24 2009

I have entered the Post Doctoral Fellow Black Hole… I’ve witnessed a lot and heard about much more and, while this is the time in academic life when you’re meant to be the busiest, I have begun this blog. Just as a black hole is difficult to define, the label Post Doc is bandied about […]