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By JONATHAN THON | October 19 2017

This recommendation was born out of the observation that discontinuity in funding leads to losing trained personnel and trainees through dismantling of collaborations.

By DAVID KENT | October 12 2017

Taking time out to ask why we do what we do in the way that we do it is really important.

By JONATHAN THON | October 03 2017

Jonathan Thon recently had the opportunity to participate in a working group that reviewed the National Institutes of Health’s foray into translational research funding.

By JONATHAN THON | September 26 2017

Does starting up your own company hurt your academic career? Jonathan Thon says no, it actually has the opposite effect.

By SABRINA ZEDDIES | September 11 2017

If we see a colleague with a fever, we say “go home and rest.” Why can’t we treat mental illness with the same understanding?

By DAVID KENT | August 22 2017

A recent CBC article made David Kent realize how easy it is to overlook someone who is suffering, even a colleague.

By SABRINA ZEDDIES | August 02 2017

A reflection on four stressors that many postdocs feel in academia, and how they can contribute to burnout.

By JONATHAN THON | July 18 2017

Jonathan Thon answers questions on dealing with patents when starting up your own company, as well as how to split your time between your startup and your university position.

By DAVID KENT | June 20 2017

David Kent realizes that as a white male researcher, he is part of the problem, but he hopes that sharing and supporting initiatives such as Minister Duncan’s will be a step in the right direction.

By SABRINA ZEDDIES | June 13 2017

Editor’s note: Today we are very proud to share a personal story from one of our readers:  Dr. Sabrina Zeddies has courageously come forward to share her own story on academic burnout in the hopes of inspiring others to recognize issues in their own circumstances and tackle such problems early and head on. Dr. Zeddies is a […]

By JONATHAN THON | June 02 2017

Once you’ve raised enough money, it’s very important that you find a private incubator space.

By DAVID KENT | May 24 2017

Tackling the “mega-lab” problem.

By JONATHAN THON | May 16 2017

Your teams should consist of people that you trust implicitly, that will work hard on whatever it is that you’re trying to do and will do it for free.

By DAVID KENT | May 08 2017

Get ’em while they’re young, says David Kent.

By JONATHAN THON | April 28 2017

When bringing your discovery to market, make sure you construct an investment case, resolve your supply chain and plan your approach.

By DAVID KENT | April 20 2017

UBC dataset on PhD outcomes holds key for prospective graduate students to make an informed choice about obtaining PhD training.

By JONATHAN THON | April 06 2017

A guest post from Dr. Kellie Machlus, who asks the question: what processes can we set in place to guard against implicit bias and increase diversity in our ranks?

By DAVID KENT | March 27 2017

“I felt a bit like a new animal at the zoo, people were listening because they were curious about me in the way they would be about a rare creature,” says David Kent.

By JONATHAN THON | March 21 2017

We at The Black Hole have serious concerns about the impact such drastic cuts to the NIH would have on basic research, and the effect it will have on Canadian researchers.

By DAVID KENT | March 14 2017

It is time we stopped investing in MD/PhDs as if they were a special class of worker, entitled to more than someone with “just a PhD.”