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In my opinion
BY BRETT ZIMMERMAN | December 01 2008
dissertation committee many years ago. I knew I was in trouble when his preliminary report began, “I fear this is a dissertation without a thesis”! The verbal affectation came a bit later when he complained about how the argument moves “from the suppositious to the supposititious.” My first ...
BY PASCAL ZAMPRELLI | December 01 2008

The life of an independent scholar, without the safety net of a university, brings with it trepidation, financial challenges and, for some, exhilarating freedom. Meet four who’ve taken the ride

dissertation had been sealed, to keep the findings out of the public domain as long as possible. The research will soon be published in a manner and place that both she and the aboriginal community sanction, with written agreement that the community retains all relevant rights to the information....
Career Advice
BY NANDA DIMITROV | November 17 2008

Five practical tips to help you beat academic culture shock

dissertation and he turns out to be a tenured professor in your department, do not be too embarrassed. Laugh, apologize and hope that you will finish your thesis before grey hair arrives.

Tip #2: Know it’s okay to make mistakes

While learning a new culture, we all make mistakes. Look fo...
BY NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | October 24 2008

Creative writing students at UBC strike compromise with the university to protect their future works

dissertation could be a novel, a play, or a collection of poetry or short stories that they hope to publish and sell to a wider audience.

Border spill over

When a group of creative writing students in the United States expressed reservations last spring about submitting their graduate the...
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BY UA/AU | October 06 2008

Half the battle in getting your book manuscript or revised dissertation published is choosing the right publisher

You’ve slaved over it at the expense of sleep, health and any semblance of a personal life. You’ve given the passage that closes Chapter 6 one last tweak and your RA finally dug up the elusive reference to that footnote that bedeviled you for months. Your manuscript is complete. All you ne...
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BY FRANCINE MCKENZIE | October 06 2008

I’ve begun to doubt the value of professional development in favour of the school of hard knocks.

dissertation and write peer-reviewed articles. The other’s mantra is that anything you bother to write down could be, should be, publishable. He believes in writing for a broader audience (that includes his mother) instead of the six specialists in his field. What kind of approach works best wh...
BY DAVID HAYES | August 05 2008

Comparative literature is a small field that’s often misunderstood, even by neighbouring disciplines in the faculty of arts. That’s partly why it’s in crisis

dissertation connected works by authors from Brazil, Colombia, Martinique, the U.S. and Canada to the Book of Genesis. Despite the name, Comp Lit has less to do with comparing than it does with the idea that all literature, besides reflecting national influences and languages, is a universal huma...
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BY MELANIE SCOTT | March 10 2008

An interview with professor John Beck, conflict resolution expert

dissertation Both parties determine their individual and common interests (these are the underlying values, beliefs and principles related to the issue - those things which must be reflected in any and all answers to the question to make them good answers). Eg: Sitting on this...
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BY CAROLYN STEELE | February 11 2008

Sessional contracts can be ideal for catapulting into a tenure track position – if you use them strategically

dissertation to develop a concept of educational theory and pedagogy. Consequently, in the past two to three years, she has been nominated for four significant teaching awards and was awarded York's University-Wide Teaching Award in 2007. York is one of the few Canadian universities that allows c...
Career Advice
BY CAROLYN STEELE | January 07 2008

Knowing how to highlight your relevancy in a range of disciplines can radically increase your job opportunities in the academic market

dissertation committee with scholars from a variety of fields because of the nature of his research. Mohabeer found that "having an interdisciplinary committee [can be] difficult at times, but, in the end, can be a magnificent gift since it allows you to have someone in your corner who has already e...
Career Advice

Two career development specialists offer their best advice on how to write an effective cover letter

dissertation as well as an indication of its expected completion and related publications. If you have several years of relevant post-doctoral or other current research experience, you may choose to focus on this in addition to or instead of your dissertation. Provide a description that highlights a...
Career Advice
BY CAROLYN STEELE | December 03 2007

How best to highlight your publishing accomplishments – even when the list is brief

dissertation while sending out applications, here are a couple of ways of you can present what you have achieved to ensure you have something listed under the publications section of your CV. And remember: if you couldn't write, and didn't have anything original or at least interesting and insigh...
Career Advice
BY JEFF OSWEILER | September 10 2007

Marketing your transferable skills for employment beyond academia

dissertation process is ultimately aimed at the generation of new knowledge, and the pencil-powered pioneers who go down that road will be asked to draw some clear lines around their very specific contributions to the field. That specialization is, for better or worse, the means by which hiring comm...
Career Advice

Two authors of a recent Canadian volume on scholarly writing offer solid advice on building a solid academic bibliography

dissertation and reworking the material into two or more papers is often a good place to start. You can also publish some of the data that you gathered during your studies, but did not include in the dissertation itself. You can write:
Career Advice
BY KÄTHE LEMON | June 04 2007

How to wrestle your dissertation to the mat

dissertation. Writing a thesis requires both short-term and long-term time management skills, because it is a lengthy project that does without external deadlines. "You see students who are excellent but they just never finish their thesis," said Dr. Eviatar Zerubavel, author of The Clockwork Mus...
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BY CAROLYN STEELE | April 10 2007

Academic networking for the neophyte

dissertation. The article seemed to miss a couple of important points that he had argued during his defence. For the first time in months, Greg felt connected and relevant to the discipline. Before he realized what he was doing, Greg was composing an email to the author to say he had enjoyed read...
Career Advice
BY CAROLYN STEELE | December 04 2006

A beginner’s guide to non-academic applications

dissertation, or published an article on a specific issue, suggest you’d be more effective in the position that you are applying for than someone who hasn’t? Remember – the stereotype of the graduate student is that you are ‘out of touch’ – make sure you don’t reinforce that by using a...