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In my opinion

Students need social supports.

Matthew de Grood was known as a good student, heading off to law school, but something was broken in him and it snapped on the night that he stabbed five of his University of Calgary peers to death. I won’t begin to speculate about the specifics of
BY PAUL GESSELL | September 10 2014

It may the last big human-rights issue of our age – welcoming people who identify with the sex opposite to the one they were born with.

When student Bridget Liang of Hamilton, Ontario, went shopping for a university, she chose York University, partly because of its many gender-neutral, single-stall washrooms spread around campus. Ms. Liang is a transgendered woman. For her, large public restrooms can be terrifying places, where bull...
In my opinion
BY BRENT EPPERSON | August 20 2014

The move towards corporate governance threatens creative thinking at the time we need it most.

Canada’s universities face tremendous challenges. Provincial funding continues to decline, yet tuition and fee increases threaten equal access to education. Global competition for talent drives up faculty salaries and benefits, undermining long-term financial stability at many institutions. Increa...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | June 16 2014
Editor's note: A few weeks back, Jenn and Erika shared their stories about being postdoctoral moms (Continue reading and
BY NATALIE SAMSON | June 04 2014
Humanities and social sciences graduate programs, their faculty members and administrators, aren’t doing enough to prepare students for life post-PhD. That was one message to come out of this year’s Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, hosted at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | June 02 2014

Removing some of your academic experiences from your resume may seem wrong, but Liz Koblyk says it will help you during the job search.

For a mere two to three pages of text, your cover letter and resume can cause a lot of heartbreak. This is especially the case if you are looking for your first non-academic job. Cutting down your CV, and condensing or even eliminating your academic experience in order to create a focused resume...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | May 21 2014
It's election season here in Ontario. Where I live, the lawn signs went up a few days ago, and the campaign offices are up and running, their outsides and insides plastered with oange (NDP) and red (Liberal). On my walk home from the library just now, I noticed one home sporting two election signs, ...

Library sprouts a new addition, which is accessible to the local community.

Twenty years after transitioning to digital records, Dalhousie University’s MacRae Library has dusted off its wooden card catalogues to house its latest collection: seeds. MacRae’s seed lending library...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | April 28 2014
I was recently invited to give a keynote address at the Human Disease Mapping conference at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland that was fully coordinated by a small group of the college's PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The scope was to share my experience and story of my ac...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | April 28 2014
I was recently chatting with a friend here in Toronto who's ABD and looking for full-time employment. He told me that when he "buried his degree" on his resume -- placed education last instead of closer to the top -- that he'd received much better responses from potential employers. Previously, his ...
Careers Café
BY UA/AU | April 23 2014
This is a guest post by Isaiah Hankel, author and consultant at Continue reading. Hard skills are dying. Think of how many hard skills have been outsourced or replaced by computer apps over the last 10 years – thousands. Remember when large compa...
In my opinion
BY RYAN J. MAILLOUX | April 23 2014

Publish in Nature or perish.

Postdoctoral work involves mentorship, specifically between the junior academic (the postdoctoral fellow) and a senior scientist at an academic institution. Typically this type ...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 23 2014

His tenure as president spanned a time of change for the granting council.

Throughout his presidency at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Chad Gaffield has engaged in his fair share of strategizing. It may come as a surprise then that w...
Career Advice

“Many international students genuinely need to reflect for a short period before answering a question.”

Is our higher education system being threatened by too many English-as-a-Second-Language students? In a recent article, professors Norm Friesen and Patrick Keeney ventured that too many students are “academically or linguistically unprepared” for aca...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | April 04 2014
The virtual conference I'm co-hosting in May is coming together wonderfully. Continue reading and I are thrilled with the line-up of panellists and presenters. We've got 23 PhDs lined up to speak about their career journeys and prov...
In my opinion
BY THOMAS KLASSEN | April 02 2014

Their grades are mediocre, so it’s tough to promote themselves to employers and grad schools.

According to poet T.S. Eliot, April is the cruelest month. And this indeed is so for many recent university graduates, and some not so recent. By April many of the students who completed studies in 2013 have had nearl...
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | April 02 2014

University of Toronto targets non-traditional university students.

Only a few Canadian universities have transitional programs that offer access to people who wouldn’t normally qualify for university. One of the oldest is the Transitional Year Program at the University of Toronto. L.A. Wade, the program’s registrar, says the eight-month access program is “...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | March 31 2014
I was recently invited to give a keynote address at the Human Disease Mapping conference at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland that was fully coordinated by a small group of the college's PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The scope was to share my experience and story of my ac...
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | March 19 2014

New alliance of five institutions to collaborate on key initiatives.

Vancouver Island colleges and universities have joined together in a new formal alliance aimed at supporting the region’s students and communities. The Vancouver Island Public Post-Secondary Alliance was signed March 5 and includes Camosun Colle...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | February 13 2014
Earlier this week I spoke on the phone with Continue reading, a fellow PhD and post-academic who runs her own business helping young people transition to adulthood. Our business values line up well, and so do our stories of career transition after our do...