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Speculative Diction
BY MELONIE FULLICK | September 06 2013
In this week’s post I’m going to stay with the subject of media and higher education, since there’s so much to work with at the moment - ‘tis the season, as they say. Since I last wrote, there’s a new, strategically-timed CIBC World Markets report that has garnered a good deal of media cov...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | September 04 2013
I’ve just finished hosting Continue reading and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. That’s how I feel about my life these days in general: pretty darn good. A year ago---les...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | August 12 2013
Two weeks ago I attended the Flow Cytometry UK Meeting and their keynote speaker was Continue reading, the current chief executive of the
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | July 30 2013
Today, we are very pleased to have a guest blog post from the Humanities and only a touch of familial guilt was used in its procurement. Dr. Eddy Kent, an assistant professor in the University of Alberta's English and Film Studies department, puts in his two cents on SSHRC's announcement earlier thi...
Career Advice

Deciding if a master’s or PhD is the right next step for you can be a difficult one. We asked for some advice.

Making the decision to go to graduate school, or continue further in graduate school, is a commitment in time, money and effort. How do you know if it is the best decision for you? We asked a selection of university career advisers from across Canada for some advice to help you decide: "What ...

Universities have made great strides in accommodating a range of disabilities among students over the last decade. But once students go into the field, they often encounter more barriers than they did on campus.

Some university offices for students with disabilities are encouraging academic program directors to be more explicit about the skills that students who take the program will ne...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | June 26 2013
Christian Paradis, the minister of Industry and State (Agriculture) recently announced that in response to the continuing challenges facing the global economy, the Canadian government has elected
Margin Notes

Massive open online courses are shifting in new directions.

Last November, the New York Times declared 2012 the Continue reading. Now, halfway through 2013, the MOOC mo...

How the new credo for community-engaged research is making a difference both in communities and at universities.

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The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | May 13 2013
A little while back I wrote a blog post called "Continue reading which proposed that PhD programs finish in 4 to 5 years and that thesis committees take a mor...
Career Advice
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | April 24 2013

University career advisers have some advice for graduating students.

As the semester comes to an end, thousands of students will leave the world of academia behind them. To help you make the exciting – but often nerve-wracking – next step, we asked a selection of university career advisers the following question: "If you could give one piece of advice to s...

Drop in applications for teacher education most pronounced in Ontario.

The number of applicants to teacher education programs in Ontario is down to its lowest level in 15 years, as bleak job prospects continue to discourage new entrants to the field. The trend has some faculties of education reducing the numbers of contract faculty they employ, revamping courses and in...
Career Advice
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | April 10 2013

Congress offers career development for students and faculty.

Classes are winding down, grades are being posted and campuses are transitioning into the quiet season of summer. That means many humanities and social science scholars are turning their thoughts to … Congress! The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is an annual pilgrimage for an es...

Desire2Learn, one of Canada’s technology success stories, can trace its roots directly to a university classroom.

In my opinion
BY STEVEN K. KHAN | March 27 2013

Reconsidering a ‘funny’ image.

“The ethics of criticism requires pointing out the faults in a colleague's thinking.” (Jeffrey Di Leo, Chronicle Review, June 13, 2010)
I was at an e...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | March 18 2013
I thought I would take the opportunity this week to share with you a personal story regarding a recent academic milestone. My research focuses on platelet production, and earlier this year I filed a provisional patent, through Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School on a platelet b...
Career Advice
BY DAVID SMITH | March 13 2013

How to choose your PhD supervisor.

I didn’t realize that what i had done was considered by many a big mistake.  After finishing an undergraduate degree in biology, I started a PhD in a small lab, comprised of one graduate student and a professor who was two years away from retirement and, although well-respected in his field, far...

Fastest growing economic immigrant class is Canadian Experience Class, which favours foreign graduates of Canadian universities for permanent residency.

International students have become an increasingly integral part of Canada’s immigration strategy as a result of ongoing changes to federal regulations aimed at recruiting mor...
Speculative Diction
BY MELONIE FULLICK | February 21 2013
Today’s post is about “process/es”, in the somewhat abstract sense that refers to the ways we organize ourselves when we need to make things happen, particularly things that are work-related. I had to think a bit about this recently when I did an interview for Networked Researcher and was a...
BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | February 20 2013

Medical research council will phase in the changes, with first pilot project to start in 2014.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research will proceed with a proposed redesign of its funding and peer review processes but at a slower pace than originally anticipated. The first competition under the new funding scheme is to be held in the fall of 2014, a year later than planned. “We defini...