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BY PATTI LANE | May 22 2018

Seed banks are helping researchers resurrect plants from the past and create crops for the future.

index_e.html">Plant Gene Resources of Canada in Saskatoon, scientists draw material from a walk-in freezer the size of a warehouse to create new varieties amid growing worldwide concern around food security. “The seed gene bank is really important for new crop development...
BY DIANE PETERS | February 13 2013

Steacie Prize winners Shana Kelley and Ted Sargent share accolades as well as a home and family.

index_e.html">Steacie Prize, which recognizes an outstanding Canadian natural sciences researcher under 40, in 2011, it was a personal coup for her and her team — plus a real nod to the University of Toronto, as this was the t...
BY CHRISTINA CHANT | March 08 2010

Canadians have woken up to the vast potential of the Arctic, but researchers wonder what it will take to push attitudes to our northern latitudes beyond platitudes.

index_e.html">The Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, the main funding source for climate and atmospheric sciences across Canada, is one such casualty. Although the foundation’s mandate has been extended to March 2012, the coffers are essentially empty. “We’ve been re...