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Career Advice
BY GABRIELLE BREWER | October 18 2021

Universities need to offer more opportunities and resources to the 80 per cent of graduate students who will not end up as tenure track professors.

I find it troubling that an overwhelming majority of graduate students don’t know where their PhD is going to lead them. Simply asking, “when will you be finished?” or “what do you want to do after your PhD?” can be viewed as taboo. With tenure track position availability on the decline, a...
BY SHARON ASCHAIEK | October 13 2021

Particularly in the initial phase of the public health emergency, these unsung university staff did most of the heavy lifting to rework face-to-face courses.

More than 18 months into the pandemic, we have learned much about the extreme efforts university administrators, professors and students have made to adapt to our radically different circumstances — but what about the contributions of instructional designers? The professionals who support the e...
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BY BRAD SAFFER | October 04 2021

The lockdowns over the past year have reinforced the need for ongoing, equitable access to high-speed connectivity.

Postsecondary institutions are seeing big changes play out on their campuses as they settle in to their “new normal” on campus. In Fredericton, St. Thomas University is getting ready to support international students needing to spend two weeks in quarantine, Wilfrid Laurier University is hold...
Graduate Matters
BY CHELSEA CHEN | October 04 2021

Some say doctorates are designed for the pure love of research and to advance scientific knowledge, but this model excludes students who wish to pursue non-academic careers.

Few decisions dramatically influence the course of one’s life. Shouldn’t educational choices, such as a doctorate degree, be one of those? As an aspiring psychotherapist, I began researching possible educational pathways that ranged from a doctorate-level clinical psychology degree to two-year m...
BY TARA SIEBARTH | September 30 2021

September 29, 2021

Thirty people sent to hospital after Fake Homecoming at Western

The Continue reading repor...
Career Advice

Three grads share their paths leading to careers outside of the academy.

While it is well established that an academic career as a faculty member is only one possible outcome for someone who has earned a PhD, we are only starting to understand the myriad of post-PhD career paths. Clarity in understanding how PhD earners continue contributing to knowledge, economic and so...
BY MARK CARDWELL | September 14 2021

For many schools, preventing possible infections means mitigating a perfect storm of conditions for binge drinking.

You would think Stine Linden-Andersen would be feeling nervous these days, as a clinical psychologist who specializes in high-risk behaviours and dean of student affairs at a small Quebec school with a reputation for partying. Not one but two cohorts of exuberant undergraduate students have arrived ...
Media Scan
The Toronto Star Continue reading Ryerson’s School of Journalism announced the renaming of the university’s newspaper an...
BY UA/AU | August 31 2021

August 30, 2021

B.C. universities to require rapid testing or proof of vaccination

British Columbia’s public health officer, Bonnie Henry, has said universities can only mandate double vaccination for staff and faculty, not students. But univers...
Media Scan
The Globe and Mail Continue reading J...
In my opinion
BY JOHANNA LEWIS | August 26 2021

The lack of any structural acknowledgement about the toll that COVID is taking on parents and caregivers is a grave failing at the institutional level.

As September approaches, it feels like there are two parallel worlds unfolding in Ontario. Universities are still talking about getting back to “normal,” the government has eased almost all safety restrictions, and the protection afforded by vaccines appears to be giving many the peace of mind t...
BY MARK CARDWELL | August 20 2021

While most were able to seamlessly pivot to primarily online services, some also faced unique technological, licensing and human resource challenges.

Larry Alford is rightly proud of the essentially glitch-free switch to electronic services that took place almost overnight when all 42 of the University of Toronto’s libraries and collections – the largest in Canada – closed their doors on March 24, 2020 due to the Ontario COVID-19 lockdown. ...
BY IAN MUNROE | August 18 2021

While some Indigenous scholars say there’s been significant progress, others see mostly rhetoric.

When Asima Vezina learned the remains of 215 Indigenous children had been discovered in unmarked graves at a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C., it set in motion a chain of events at her own educational institution thousands of kilometres away. As president ...
Global Campus

How do higher education institutions internationalize while contributing to the local communities they serve?

International activities have long been part of higher education. These activities include student and faculty exchange, study abroad, global research collaborations and transnational programming. Recent efforts to internationalize Canadian campuses have brought these activities into sharp focus. Wi...
BY UA/AU | July 31 2021

July 28, 2021

Brock students in residence will need to be vaccinated this fall

Continue reading is now requi...
The Skills Agenda
BY LOLEEN BERDAHL | July 29 2021

Creating a workable course schedule for you and your students.

I had the final class planned out perfectly. I gave a summary lecture that pulled all the threads of the course together and connected them to the learning outcomes. I explained the structure of the final exam and gave tips for studying. And then I concluded: “It has been great teaching all of you...

Brock University sees itself as having a ‘double cohort of first years’ in September, says interim president.

Universities across the country are experiencing an increase in applications for September 2021 and some have reported record-breaking numbers, such as Wilfrid Laurier University, which will welcome its
BY MARK CARDWELL | July 09 2021

All four regional conferences in Canadian university sports have announced league and championship schedules for the 2021-22 season.

Kavie Toor says he landed his dream job in March 2020 when he was named managing director of athletics and recreation at the University of British Columbia and took the helm of the UBC Thunderbirds, one of the biggest and most successful varsity sports programs in Canadian university history. But...
In my opinion

There’s no need to create a teaching schedule for the fall. Students have been telling us how to create a learning environment that makes sense. We should listen to them.

As we prepare to return in person on campuses this fall, we have a unique opportunity to reimagine our universities as more inclusive, more flexible and ultimately more intellectually productive learning commons. Some of the ways in which we were organized pre-pandemic, and some of what we did as te...
BY UA/AU | June 30 2021

June 30, 2021

Important updates for incoming, returning international students and faculty

International students will be exempt from quarantine, the requirement to stay at a government-authorized accommodation and COVID-19 testing on their eig...
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